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Reporting phishing is related to fraud and sensitive information gathering using social engineering techniques enticing Internet users to select URL link which leads them to the fraudulent web site looking similar to legitimate one.  The users are usually asked to provide personal or sensitive information such as bank account numbers, usernames, passwords and similar information which may lead them to the other compromises. 

Reporting a phishing action to the Croatian National CERT is related to the cases when phishing is initiated  from .hr Internet domain  or the owner of the phishing domain is Croatian citizen.

How to report phishing?

Phishing report should include the original phishing mail with the included mail header. Mail header is usually not displayed, but the users can get header content by selecting: 

  • Outlook Express – open the email message and select File > Properties > Details
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – open the e-mail message and by pressing keys Crtl+U

If fraudulent or malicious web site is also included in the phishing process, include  URL to the web site also in you report.