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National CERT was established in accordance with the Information Security Law and its main task is to process incidents on the Internet, i.e., to preserve of the information security in Croatia.

According to the National CERT Operations policy, it deals with the incident if one party to the incident is in the Croatian IP address space or in top .hr Internet domain.

National CERT has the right to issue instructions, guidelines, recommendations, advices and opinions from its jurisdiction .
National CERT mission
Promotion and preservation of the information security of the public information systems in Croatia.
Aims of National CERT operation
Proactive measures take place before the incident and other events that could endanger the security of information systems occur, in order to prevent or mitigate potential damage. Information about proactive measures is public.

Proactive measures include:

  • monitoring the situation in the field of computer security and publishing security alerts in order to prepare for preventing damage
  • continuous monitoring of computer-security technology and dissemination of the information
  • promoting awareness about the importance of computer security
  • the implementation of educational training for specific groups of users and the introduction of systematic education in collaboration with educational institutions and other organizations

Reactive measures acting on the incidents in the Republic of Croatia and other events that could endanger the security of information systems in Croatia.

Reactive measures include:

  • preparing and distributing information about security alerts based on the collected information
  • National CERT collects, processes, prepares and distributes recommendations on security vulnerabilities in information systems
  • coordination of solving major incidents that included at least one side in Croatia

National CERT cooperates with relevant authorities (Information Systems Security Bureau – ZSIS CERT), Office of the National Security Council – UVNS and Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Interior). It also cooperates with other CERTs in Croatia and foreign CERTs through membership in Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and the Working Group TF-CSIRT.

National CERT scope of operation does not include:

  • operational troubleshooting and safety concerns of individual systems
  • punishment of problematic users
  • arbitration in disputes
  • launch criminal charges