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Sigurnosni nedostaci jezgre operacijskog sustava

  • Detalji os-a: WN7
  • Važnost: IMP
  • Operativni sustavi: L
  • Kategorije: LSU

openSUSE Security Update: Security update for the Linux Kernel

Announcement ID: openSUSE-SU-2020:2112-1
Rating: important
References: #1055014 #1055186 #1061843 #1065600 #1065729
#1066382 #1077428 #1129923 #1134760 #1149032
#1152489 #1155798 #1163592 #1164648 #1165692
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#1178255 #1178307 #1178330 #1178393 #1178395
#1178461 #1178579 #1178581 #1178584 #1178585
#802154 #954532
Cross-References: CVE-2020-12351 CVE-2020-12352 CVE-2020-14351
CVE-2020-16120 CVE-2020-24490 CVE-2020-25212
CVE-2020-25285 CVE-2020-25641 CVE-2020-25643
CVE-2020-25645 CVE-2020-25656 CVE-2020-25668
CVE-2020-25704 CVE-2020-25705 CVE-2020-8694

Affected Products:
openSUSE Leap 15.2

An update that solves 15 vulnerabilities and has 102 fixes
is now available.


The openSUSE Leap 15.2 kernel was updated to receive various security and

The following security bugs were fixed:

– CVE-2020-12351: Fixed a type confusion while processing AMP packets aka
“BleedingTooth” aka “BadKarma” (bsc#1177724).
– CVE-2020-24490: Fixed a heap buffer overflow when processing extended
advertising report events aka “BleedingTooth” aka “BadVibes”
– CVE-2020-12352: Fixed an information leak when processing certain AMP
packets aka “BleedingTooth” aka “BadChoice” (bsc#1177725).
– CVE-2020-25212: A TOCTOU mismatch in the NFS client code in the Linux
kernel could be used by local attackers to corrupt memory or possibly
have unspecified other impact because a size check is in
fs/nfs/nfs4proc.c instead of fs/nfs/nfs4xdr.c, aka CID-b4487b935452
– CVE-2020-25645: Traffic between two Geneve endpoints may be unencrypted
when IPsec is configured to encrypt traffic for the specific UDP port
used by the GENEVE tunnel allowing anyone between the two endpoints to
read the traffic unencrypted. The main threat from this vulnerability is
to data confidentiality (bnc#1177511).
– CVE-2020-25643: Memory corruption and a read overflow is caused by
improper input validation in the ppp_cp_parse_cr function which can
cause the system to crash or cause a denial of service. The highest
threat from this vulnerability is to data confidentiality and integrity
as well as system availability (bnc#1177206).
– CVE-2020-25641: A zero-length biovec request issued by the block
subsystem could cause the kernel to enter an infinite loop, causing a
denial of service. This flaw allowed a local attacker with basic
privileges to issue requests to a block device, resulting in a denial of
service. The highest threat from this vulnerability is to system
availability (bnc#1177121).
– CVE-2020-25704: Fixed a memory leak in perf_event_parse_addr_filter()
– CVE-2020-25668: Make FONTX ioctl use the tty pointer they were actually
passed (bsc#1178123).
– CVE-2020-25656: Extend func_buf_lock to readers (bnc#1177766).
– CVE-2020-25285: Fixed a race condition between hugetlb sysctl handlers
in mm/hugetlb.c in the Linux kernel could be used by local attackers to
corrupt memory, cause a NULL pointer dereference, or possibly have
unspecified other impact, aka CID-17743798d812 (bnc#1176485).
– CVE-2020-14351: Fixed race in the perf_mmap_close() function
– CVE-2020-8694: Restrict energy meter to root access (bsc#1170415).
– CVE-2020-16120: Check permission to open real file in overlayfs
– CVE-2020-25705: A ICMP global rate limiting side-channel was removed
which could lead to e.g. the SADDNS attack (bsc#1175721)

The following non-security bugs were fixed:

– 9p: Fix memory leak in v9fs_mount (git-fixes).
– ACPI: Always build evged in (git-fixes).
– ACPI: button: fix handling lid state changes when input device closed
– ACPI: configfs: Add missing config_item_put() to fix refcount leak
– acpi-cpufreq: Honor _PSD table setting on new AMD CPUs (git-fixes).
– ACPI: debug: do not allow debugging when ACPI is disabled (git-fixes).
– ACPI: EC: Reference count query handlers under lock (git-fixes).
– ACPI / extlog: Check for RDMSR failure (git-fixes).
– ACPI: video: use ACPI backlight for HP 635 Notebook (git-fixes).
– act_ife: load meta modules before tcf_idr_check_alloc()
– airo: Fix read overflows sending packets (git-fixes).
– ALSA: ac97: (cosmetic) align argument names (git-fixes).
– ALSA: aoa: i2sbus: use DECLARE_COMPLETION_ONSTACK() macro (git-fixes).
– ALSA: asihpi: fix spellint typo in comments (git-fixes).
– ALSA: atmel: ac97: clarify operator precedence (git-fixes).
– ALSA: bebob: potential info leak in hwdep_read() (git-fixes).
– ALSA: compress_offload: remove redundant initialization (git-fixes).
– ALSA: core: init: use DECLARE_COMPLETION_ONSTACK() macro (git-fixes).
– ALSA: core: pcm: simplify locking for timers (git-fixes).
– ALSA: core: timer: clarify operator precedence (git-fixes).
– ALSA: core: timer: remove redundant assignment (git-fixes).
– ALSA: ctl: Workaround for lockdep warning wrt card->ctl_files_rwlock
– ALSA: fireworks: use semicolons rather than commas to separate
statements (git-fixes).
– ALSA: fix kernel-doc markups (git-fixes).
– ALSA: hda: auto_parser: remove shadowed variable declaration (git-fixes).
– ALSA: hda: (cosmetic) align function parameters (git-fixes).
– ALSA: hda – Do not register a cb func if it is registered already
– ALSA: hda – Fix the return value if cb func is already registered
– ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix incorrect locking in hdmi_pcm_close (git-fixes).
– ALSA: hda: prevent undefined shift in snd_hdac_ext_bus_get_link()
– ALSA: hda/realtek – Add mute Led support for HP Elitebook 845 G7
– ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable audio jacks of ASUS D700SA with ALC887
– ALSA: hda/realtek – Enable headphone for ASUS TM420 (git-fixes).
– ALSA: hda/realtek – Fixed HP headset Mic can’t be detected (git-fixes).
– ALSA: hda/realtek – set mic to auto detect on a HP AIO machine
– ALSA: hda/realtek – The front Mic on a HP machine does not work
– ALSA: hda: use semicolons rather than commas to separate statements
– ALSA: hdspm: Fix typo arbitary (git-fixes).
– ALSA: mixart: Correct comment wrt obsoleted tasklet usage (git-fixes).
– ALSA: portman2x4: fix repeated word ‘if’ (git-fixes).
– ALSA: rawmidi: (cosmetic) align function parameters (git-fixes).
– ALSA: seq: oss: Avoid mutex lock for a long-time ioctl (git-fixes).
– ALSA: sparc: dbri: fix repeated word ‘the’ (git-fixes).
– ALSA: usb-audio: Add implicit feedback quirk for MODX (git-fixes).
– ALSA: usb-audio: Add implicit feedback quirk for Qu-16 (git-fixes).
– ALSA: usb-audio: Add implicit feedback quirk for Zoom UAC-2 (git-fixes).
– ALSA: usb-audio: Add mixer support for Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 (git-fixes).
– ALSA: usb-audio: add usb vendor id as DSD-capable for Khadas devices
– ALSA: usb-audio: endpoint.c: fix repeated word ‘there’ (git-fixes).
– ALSA: usb-audio: fix spelling mistake “Frequence” -> “Frequency”
– ALSA: usb-audio: Line6 Pod Go interface requires static clock rate quirk
– ALSA: usb: scarless_gen2: fix endianness issue (git-fixes).
– ALSA: vx: vx_core: clarify operator precedence (git-fixes).
– ALSA: vx: vx_pcm: remove redundant assignment (git-fixes).
– ar5523: Add USB ID of SMCWUSBT-G2 wireless adapter (git-fixes).
– arm64: Enable PCI write-combine resources under sysfs (bsc#1175807).
– ASoC: codecs: wcd9335: Set digital gain range correctly (git-fixes).
– ASoC: cs42l51: manage mclk shutdown delay (git-fixes).
– ASoC: fsl: imx-es8328: add missing put_device() call in
imx_es8328_probe() (git-fixes).
– ASoC: fsl_sai: Instantiate snd_soc_dai_driver (git-fixes).
– ASoC: img-i2s-out: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for MPMAN Converter9 2-in-1
– ASoC: Intel: kbl_rt5663_max98927: Fix kabylake_ssp_fixup function
– ASoC: kirkwood: fix IRQ error handling (git-fixes).
– ASoC: qcom: lpass-cpu: fix concurrency issue (git-fixes).
– ASoC: qcom: lpass-platform: fix memory leak (git-fixes).
– ASoC: qcom: sdm845: set driver name correctly (git-fixes).
– ASoC: sun50i-codec-analog: Fix duplicate use of ADC enable bits
– ASoC: tlv320aic32x4: Fix bdiv clock rate derivation (git-fixes).
– ASoC: wm8994: Ensure the device is resumed in wm89xx_mic_detect
functions (git-fixes).
– ASoC: wm8994: Skip setting of the WM8994_MICBIAS register for WM1811
– ata: ahci: mvebu: Make SATA PHY optional for Armada 3720 (git-fixes).
– ata: sata_rcar: Fix DMA boundary mask (git-fixes).
– ath10k: check idx validity in __ath10k_htt_rx_ring_fill_n() (git-fixes).
– ath10k: fix array out-of-bounds access (git-fixes).
– ath10k: fix memory leak for tpc_stats_final (git-fixes).
– ath10k: Fix the size used in a ‘dma_free_coherent()’ call in an error
handling path (git-fixes).
– ath10k: fix VHT NSS calculation when STBC is enabled (git-fixes).
– ath10k: provide survey info as accumulated data (git-fixes).
– ath10k: start recovery process when payload length exceeds max htc
length for sdio (git-fixes).
– ath10k: use kzalloc to read for ath10k_sdio_hif_diag_read (git-fixes).
– ath6kl: prevent potential array overflow in ath6kl_add_new_sta()
– ath6kl: wmi: prevent a shift wrapping bug in
ath6kl_wmi_delete_pstream_cmd() (git-fixes).
– ath9k: Fix potential out of bounds in ath9k_htc_txcompletion_cb()
– ath9k: hif_usb: fix race condition between usb_get_urb() and
usb_kill_anchored_urbs() (git-fixes).
– ath9k_htc: Use appropriate rs_datalen type (git-fixes).
– backlight: sky81452-backlight: Fix refcount imbalance on error
– blk-mq: order adding requests to hctx->dispatch and checking
SCHED_RESTART (bsc#1177750).
– block: ensure bdi->io_pages is always initialized (bsc#1177749).
– block: Fix page_is_mergeable() for compound pages (bsc#1177814).
– block: Set same_page to false in __bio_try_merge_page if ret is false
– Bluetooth: btusb: Fix memleak in btusb_mtk_submit_wmt_recv_urb
– Bluetooth: Fix refcount use-after-free issue (git-fixes).
– Bluetooth: guard against controllers sending zero’d events (git-fixes).
– Bluetooth: Handle Inquiry Cancel error after Inquiry Complete
– Bluetooth: hci_uart: Cancel init work before unregistering (git-fixes).
– Bluetooth: L2CAP: handle l2cap config request during open state
– Bluetooth: MGMT: Fix not checking if BT_HS is enabled (git-fixes).
– Bluetooth: Only mark socket zapped after unlocking (git-fixes).
– Bluetooth: prefetch channel before killing sock (git-fixes).
– bnxt_en: Protect bnxt_set_eee() and bnxt_set_pauseparam() with mutex
– bonding: show saner speed for broadcast mode
– brcm80211: fix possible memleak in brcmf_proto_msgbuf_attach (git-fixes).
– brcmfmac: check ndev pointer (git-fixes).
– brcmfmac: Fix double freeing in the fmac usb data path (git-fixes).
– brcmsmac: fix memory leak in wlc_phy_attach_lcnphy (git-fixes).
– btrfs: Account for merged patches upstream Move below patches to sorted
– btrfs: add owner and fs_info to alloc_state io_tree (bsc#1177854).
– btrfs: allocate scrub workqueues outside of locks (bsc#1178183).
– btrfs: block-group: do not set the wrong READA flag for
btrfs_read_block_groups() (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: block-group: fix free-space bitmap threshold (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: block-group: refactor how we delete one block group item
– btrfs: block-group: refactor how we insert a block group item
– btrfs: block-group: refactor how we read one block group item
– btrfs: block-group: rename write_one_cache_group() (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: check the right error variable in btrfs_del_dir_entries_in_log
– btrfs: cleanup cow block on error (bsc#1178584).
– btrfs: do not force read-only after error in drop snapshot (bsc#1176354).
– btrfs: do not set the full sync flag on the inode during page release
– btrfs: do not take an extra root ref at allocation time (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: drop logs when we’ve aborted a transaction (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: drop path before adding new uuid tree entry (bsc#1178176).
– btrfs: fix a race between scrub and block group removal/allocation
– Btrfs: fix crash during unmount due to race with delayed inode workers
– btrfs: fix filesystem corruption after a device replace (bsc#1178395).
– btrfs: fix NULL pointer dereference after failure to create snapshot
– btrfs: fix overflow when copying corrupt csums for a message
– btrfs: fix race between page release and a fast fsync (bsc#1177687).
– btrfs: fix space cache memory leak after transaction abort (bsc#1178173).
– btrfs: free block groups after free’ing fs trees (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: hold a ref on the root on the dead roots list (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: kill the subvol_srcu (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: make btrfs_cleanup_fs_roots use the radix tree lock (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: make inodes hold a ref on their roots (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: make the extent buffer leak check per fs info (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: move btrfs_rm_dev_replace_free_srcdev outside of all locks
– btrfs: move btrfs_scratch_superblocks into btrfs_dev_replace_finishing
– btrfs: move ino_cache_inode dropping out of btrfs_free_fs_root
– btrfs: move the block group freeze/unfreeze helpers into block-group.c
– btrfs: move the root freeing stuff into btrfs_put_root (bsc#1176019).
– btrfs: only commit delayed items at fsync if we are logging a directory
– btrfs: only commit the delayed inode when doing a full fsync
– btrfs: qgroup: fix qgroup meta rsv leak for subvolume operations
– btrfs: qgroup: fix wrong qgroup metadata reserve for delayed inode
– btrfs: reduce contention on log trees when logging checksums
– btrfs: release old extent maps during page release (bsc#1177687).
– btrfs: remove no longer necessary chunk mutex locking cases
– btrfs: remove no longer needed use of log_writers for the log root tree
– btrfs: rename member ‘trimming’ of block group to a more generic name
– btrfs: reschedule if necessary when logging directory items
– btrfs: scrub, only lookup for csums if we are dealing with a data extent
– btrfs: send, orphanize first all conflicting inodes when processing
references (bsc#1178579).
– btrfs: send, recompute reference path after orphanization of a directory
– btrfs: set the correct lockdep class for new nodes (bsc#1178184).
– btrfs: set the lockdep class for log tree extent buffers (bsc#1178186).
– btrfs: stop incremening log_batch for the log root tree when syncing log
– btrfs: tree-checker: fix false alert caused by legacy btrfs root item
– bus: hisi_lpc: Fixup IO ports addresses to avoid use-after-free in host
removal (git-fixes).
– can: can_create_echo_skb(): fix echo skb generation: always use
skb_clone() (git-fixes).
– can: c_can: reg_map_{c,d}_can: mark as __maybe_unused (git-fixes).
– can: dev: __can_get_echo_skb(): fix real payload length return value for
RTR frames (git-fixes).
– can: dev: can_get_echo_skb(): prevent call to kfree_skb() in hard IRQ
context (git-fixes).
– can: flexcan: flexcan_chip_stop(): add error handling and propagate
error value (git-fixes).
– can: flexcan: flexcan_remove(): disable wakeup completely (git-fixes).
– can: flexcan: remove ack_grp and ack_bit handling from driver
– can: flexcan: remove FLEXCAN_QUIRK_DISABLE_MECR quirk for LS1021A
– can: peak_canfd: pucan_handle_can_rx(): fix echo management when
loopback is on (git-fixes).
– can: peak_usb: add range checking in decode operations (git-fixes).
– can: peak_usb: peak_usb_get_ts_time(): fix timestamp wrapping
– can: rx-offload: do not call kfree_skb() from IRQ context (git-fixes).
– can: softing: softing_card_shutdown(): add braces around empty body in
an ‘if’ statement (git-fixes).
– ceph: promote to unsigned long long before shifting (bsc#1178175).
– clk: at91: clk-main: update key before writing AT91_CKGR_MOR (git-fixes).
– clk: at91: remove the checking of parent_name (git-fixes).
– clk: bcm2835: add missing release if devm_clk_hw_register fails
– clk: imx8mq: Fix usdhc parents order (git-fixes).
– clk: keystone: sci-clk: fix parsing assigned-clock data during probe
– clk: meson: g12a: mark fclk_div2 as critical (git-fixes).
– clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Fix wrong parent_map (git-fixes).
– clk: samsung: exynos4: mark ‘chipid’ clock as CLK_IGNORE_UNUSED
– clk: socfpga: stratix10: fix the divider for the emac_ptp_free_clk
– clk: tegra: Always program PLL_E when enabled (git-fixes).
– clk/ti/adpll: allocate room for terminating null (git-fixes).
– clocksource/drivers/h8300_timer8: Fix wrong return value in
h8300_8timer_init() (git-fixes).
– clocksource/drivers/timer-gx6605s: Fixup counter reload (git-fixes).
– cpuidle: Poll for a minimum of 30ns and poll for a tick if lower
c-states are disabled (bnc#1176588).
– create Storage / NVMe subsection
– crypto: algif_aead – Do not set MAY_BACKLOG on the async path
– crypto: algif_skcipher – EBUSY on aio should be an error (git-fixes).
– crypto: bcm – Verify GCM/CCM key length in setkey (git-fixes).
– crypto: ccp – fix error handling (git-fixes).
– crypto: dh – check validity of Z before export (bsc#1175718).
– crypto: dh – SP800-56A rev 3 local public key validation (bsc#1175718).
– crypto: ecc – SP800-56A rev 3 local public key validation (bsc#1175718).
– crypto: ecdh – check validity of Z before export (bsc#1175718).
– crypto: ixp4xx – Fix the size used in a ‘dma_free_coherent()’ call
– crypto: mediatek – Fix wrong return value in mtk_desc_ring_alloc()
– crypto: omap-sham – fix digcnt register handling with export/import
– crypto: picoxcell – Fix potential race condition bug (git-fixes).
– crypto: qat – check cipher length for aead AES-CBC-HMAC-SHA (git-fixes).
– cxgb4: fix memory leak during module unload (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– cxgb4: Fix offset when clearing filter byte counters
– cxl: Rework error message for incompatible slots (bsc#1055014 git-fixes).
– cypto: mediatek – fix leaks in mtk_desc_ring_alloc (git-fixes).
– dax: Fix compilation for CONFIG_DAX && !CONFIG_FS_DAX (bsc#1177817).
– Disable module compression on SLE15 SP2 (bsc#1178307)
– dma-direct: add missing set_memory_decrypted() for coherent mapping
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: always align allocation size in dma_direct_alloc_pages()
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: atomic allocations must come from atomic coherent pools
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: check return value when encrypting or decrypting memory
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: consolidate the error handling in dma_direct_alloc_pages
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: make uncached_kernel_address more general (bsc#1175898,
– dma-direct: provide function to check physical memory area validity
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: provide mmap and get_sgtable method overrides (bsc#1175898,
– dma-direct: re-encrypt memory if dma_direct_alloc_pages() fails
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: remove __dma_direct_free_pages (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-direct: remove the dma_handle argument to __dma_direct_alloc_pages
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dmaengine: dma-jz4780: Fix race in jz4780_dma_tx_status (git-fixes).
– dmaengine: dmatest: Check list for emptiness before access its last
entry (git-fixes).
– dmaengine: dw: Activate FIFO-mode for memory peripherals only
– dmaengine: mediatek: hsdma_probe: fixed a memory leak when
devm_request_irq fails (git-fixes).
– dmaengine: stm32-dma: use vchan_terminate_vdesc() in .terminate_all
– dmaengine: stm32-mdma: use vchan_terminate_vdesc() in .terminate_all
– dmaengine: tegra-apb: Prevent race conditions on channel’s freeing
– dmaengine: zynqmp_dma: fix burst length configuration (git-fixes).
– dma-fence: Serialise signal enabling (dma_fence_enable_sw_signaling)
– dma-mapping: add a dma_can_mmap helper (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-mapping: always use VM_DMA_COHERENT for generic DMA remap
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-mapping: DMA_COHERENT_POOL should select GENERIC_ALLOCATOR
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-mapping: make dma_atomic_pool_init self-contained (bsc#1175898,
– dma-mapping: merge the generic remapping helpers into dma-direct
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-mapping: remove arch_dma_mmap_pgprot (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-mapping: warn when coherent pool is depleted (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: add additional coherent pools to map to gfp mask (bsc#1175898,
– dma-pool: add pool sizes to debugfs (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: decouple DMA_REMAP from DMA_COHERENT_POOL (bsc#1175898,
– dma-pool: do not allocate pool memory from CMA (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: dynamically expanding atomic pools (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: Fix an uninitialized variable bug in atomic_pool_expand()
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: fix coherent pool allocations for IOMMU mappings (bsc#1175898,
– dma-pool: fix too large DMA pools on medium memory size systems
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: get rid of dma_in_atomic_pool() (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: introduce dma_guess_pool() (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: make sure atomic pool suits device (bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-pool: Only allocate from CMA when in same memory zone (bsc#1175898,
– dma-pool: scale the default DMA coherent pool size with memory capacity
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dma-remap: separate DMA atomic pools from direct remap code
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– dm: Call proper helper to determine dax support (bsc#1177817).
– dm/dax: Fix table reference counts (bsc#1178246).
– docs: driver-api: remove a duplicated index entry (git-fixes).
– drivers: char: tlclk.c: Avoid data race between init and interrupt
handler (git-fixes).
– drivers: watchdog: rdc321x_wdt: Fix race condition bugs (git-fixes).
– drm/amdgpu: restore proper ref count in amdgpu_display_crtc_set_config
– drm/radeon: revert “Prefer lower feedback dividers” (bsc#1177384).
– drop Storage / bsc#1171688 subsection No effect on expanded tree.
– e1000: Do not perform reset in reset_task if we are already down
– EDAC/i5100: Fix error handling order in i5100_init_one() (bsc#1152489).
– eeprom: at25: set minimum read/write access stride to 1 (git-fixes).
– exfat: fix name_hash computation on big endian systems (git-fixes).
– exfat: fix overflow issue in exfat_cluster_to_sector() (git-fixes).
– exfat: fix possible memory leak in exfat_find() (git-fixes).
– exfat: fix use of uninitialized spinlock on error path (git-fixes).
– exfat: fix wrong hint_stat initialization in exfat_find_dir_entry()
– exfat: fix wrong size update of stream entry by typo (git-fixes).
– extcon: ptn5150: Fix usage of atomic GPIO with sleeping GPIO chips
– ftrace: Move RCU is watching check after recursion check (git-fixes).
– fuse: do not ignore errors from fuse_writepages_fill() (bsc#1177193).
– futex: Adjust absolute futex timeouts with per time namespace offset
– futex: Consistently use fshared as boolean (bsc#1149032).
– futex: Fix incorrect should_fail_futex() handling (bsc#1149032).
– futex: Remove put_futex_key() (bsc#1149032).
– futex: Remove unused or redundant includes (bsc#1149032).
– gpio: mockup: fix resource leak in error path (git-fixes).
– gpio: rcar: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– gpio: siox: explicitly support only threaded irqs (git-fixes).
– gpio: sprd: Clear interrupt when setting the type as edge (git-fixes).
– gpio: tc35894: fix up tc35894 interrupt configuration (git-fixes).
– gre6: Fix reception with IP6_TNL_F_RCV_DSCP_COPY
– gtp: add GTPA_LINK info to msg sent to userspace
– HID: hid-input: fix stylus battery reporting (git-fixes).
– HID: ite: Add USB id match for Acer One S1003 keyboard dock (git-fixes).
– HID: roccat: add bounds checking in kone_sysfs_write_settings()
– HID: wacom: Avoid entering wacom_wac_pen_report for pad / battery
– hwmon: (applesmc) check status earlier (git-fixes).
– hwmon: (mlxreg-fan) Fix double “Mellanox” (git-fixes).
– hwmon: (pmbus/max34440) Fix status register reads for MAX344{51,60,61}
– hyperv_fb: Update screen_info after removing old framebuffer
– i2c: aspeed: Mask IRQ status to relevant bits (git-fixes).
– i2c: core: Call i2c_acpi_install_space_handler() before
i2c_acpi_register_devices() (git-fixes).
– i2c: core: Restore acpi_walk_dep_device_list() getting called after
registering the ACPI i2c devs (git-fixes).
– i2c: cpm: Fix i2c_ram structure (git-fixes).
– i2c: i801: Exclude device from suspend direct complete optimization
– i2c: imx: Fix external abort on interrupt in exit paths (git-fixes).
– i2c: meson: fix clock setting overwrite (git-fixes).
– i2c: meson: fixup rate calculation with filter delay (git-fixes).
– i2c: owl: Clear NACK and BUS error bits (git-fixes).
– i2c: rcar: Auto select RESET_CONTROLLER (git-fixes).
– i2c: tegra: Prevent interrupt triggering after transfer timeout
– i2c: tegra: Restore pinmux on system resume (git-fixes).
– i3c: master add i3c_master_attach_boardinfo to preserve boardinfo
– i3c: master: Fix error return in cdns_i3c_master_probe() (git-fixes).
– ibmveth: Identify ingress large send packets (bsc#1178185 ltc#188897).
– ibmveth: Switch order of ibmveth_helper calls (bsc#1061843 git-fixes).
– ibmvnic: fix ibmvnic_set_mac (bsc#1066382 ltc#160943 git-fixes).
– ibmvnic: save changed mac address to adapter->mac_addr (bsc#1134760
ltc#177449 git-fixes).
– ibmvnic: set up 200GBPS speed (bsc#1129923 git-fixes).
– icmp: randomize the global rate limiter (git-fixes).
– ida: Free allocated bitmap in error path (git-fixes).
– ieee802154/adf7242: check status of adf7242_read_reg (git-fixes).
– ieee802154: fix one possible memleak in ca8210_dev_com_init (git-fixes).
– iio:accel:bma180: Fix use of true when should be iio_shared_by enum
– iio: adc: gyroadc: fix leak of device node iterator (git-fixes).
– iio: adc: qcom-spmi-adc5: fix driver name (git-fixes).
– iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix runtime autosuspend delay when slow polling
– iio:adc:ti-adc0832 Fix alignment issue with timestamp (git-fixes).
– iio:adc:ti-adc12138 Fix alignment issue with timestamp (git-fixes).
– iio:dac:ad5592r: Fix use of true for IIO_SHARED_BY_TYPE (git-fixes).
– iio:gyro:itg3200: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak
– iio:light:si1145: Fix timestamp alignment and prevent data leak
– iio:magn:hmc5843: Fix passing true where iio_shared_by enum required
– ima: Do not ignore errors from crypto_shash_update() (git-fixes).
– ima: extend boot_aggregate with kernel measurements (bsc#1177617).
– ima: Remove semicolon at the end of ima_get_binary_runtime_size()
– Input: ati_remote2 – add missing newlines when printing module
parameters (git-fixes).
– Input: ep93xx_keypad – fix handling of platform_get_irq() error
– Input: i8042 – add nopnp quirk for Acer Aspire 5 A515 (bsc#954532).
– Input: imx6ul_tsc – clean up some errors in imx6ul_tsc_resume()
– Input: omap4-keypad – fix handling of platform_get_irq() error
– Input: stmfts – fix a & vs && typo (git-fixes).
– Input: sun4i-ps2 – fix handling of platform_get_irq() error (git-fixes).
– Input: trackpoint – enable Synaptics trackpoints (git-fixes).
– Input: twl4030_keypad – fix handling of platform_get_irq() error
– iomap: Make sure iomap_end is called after iomap_begin (bsc#1177754).
– iommu/amd: Fix IOMMU AVIC not properly update the is_run bit in IRTE
– iommu/amd: Fix potential @entry null deref (bsc#1177283).
– iommu/amd: Re-factor guest virtual APIC (de-)activation code
– iommu/amd: Restore IRTE.RemapEn bit for amd_iommu_activate_guest_mode
– iommu/exynos: add missing put_device() call in exynos_iommu_of_xlate()
– iommu/vt-d: Correctly calculate agaw in domain_init() (bsc#1176400).
– iommu/vt-d: Gracefully handle DMAR units with no supported address
widths (bsc#1177739).
– ip: fix tos reflection in ack and reset packets
– ipmi_si: Fix wrong return value in try_smi_init() (git-fixes).
– ipv4: Initialize flowi4_multipath_hash in data path
– ipv4: Restore flowi4_oif update before call to xfrm_lookup_route
– ipv4: Update exception handling for multipath routes via same device
– ipv6: avoid lockdep issue in fib6_del() (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– ipv6: Fix sysctl max for fib_multipath_hash_policy
– ipvlan: fix device features (networking-stable-20_08_24).
– iwlwifi: mvm: split a print to avoid a WARNING in ROC (git-fixes).
– kabi fix for NFS: Fix flexfiles read failover (git-fixes).
– kABI: Fix kABI after add CodeSigning extended key usage (bsc#1177353).
– kABI: Fix kABI for 12856e7acde4 PCI/IOV: Mark VFs as not implementing
PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY (bsc#1176979).
– kabi/severities: ignore kABI for target_core_rbd Match behaviour for all
other Ceph specific modules.
– kallsyms: Refactor kallsyms_show_value() to take cred (git-fixes).
– kbuild: enforce -Werror=return-type (bsc#1177281).
– Exclude .config.old from kernel-devel – use tar
excludes for .kernel-binary.spec.buildenv
– Package the obj_install_dir as explicit filelist.
– KVM: x86/mmu: Commit zap of remaining invalid pages when recovering
lpages (git-fixes).
– leds: bcm6328, bcm6358: use devres LED registering function (git-fixes).
– leds: mlxreg: Fix possible buffer overflow (git-fixes).
– leds: mt6323: move period calculation (git-fixes).
– libceph-add-support-for-CMPEXT-compare-extent-reques.patch:
– libceph: clear con->out_msg on Policy::stateful_server faults
– lib/crc32.c: fix trivial typo in preprocessor condition (git-fixes).
– lib/mpi: Add mpi_sub_ui() (bsc#1175718).
– locking/rwsem: Disable reader optimistic spinning (bnc#1176588).
– mac80211: do not allow bigger VHT MPDUs than the hardware supports
– mac80211: handle lack of sband->bitrates in rates (git-fixes).
– mac80211: skip mpath lookup also for control port tx (git-fixes).
– mac802154: tx: fix use-after-free (git-fixes).
– macsec: avoid use-after-free in macsec_handle_frame() (git-fixes).
– mailbox: avoid timer start from callback (git-fixes).
– media: ati_remote: sanity check for both endpoints (git-fixes).
– media: bdisp: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– media: camss: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: exynos4-is: Fix a reference count leak due to pm_runtime_get_sync
– media: exynos4-is: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: exynos4-is: Fix several reference count leaks due to
pm_runtime_get_sync (git-fixes).
– media: firewire: fix memory leak (git-fixes).
– media: i2c: ov5640: Enable data pins on poweron for DVP mode (git-fixes).
– media: i2c: ov5640: Remain in power down for DVP mode unless streaming
– media: i2c: ov5640: Separate out mipi configuration from s_power
– media: imx274: fix frame interval handling (git-fixes).
– media: m5mols: Check function pointer in m5mols_sensor_power (git-fixes).
– media: mc-device.c: fix memleak in media_device_register_entity
– media: media/pci: prevent memory leak in bttv_probe (git-fixes).
– media: mx2_emmaprp: Fix memleak in emmaprp_probe (git-fixes).
– media: omap3isp: Fix memleak in isp_probe (git-fixes).
– media: ov5640: Correct Bit Div register in clock tree diagram
– media: platform: fcp: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: platform: Improve queue set up flow for bug fixing (git-fixes).
– media: platform: s3c-camif: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error
– media: platform: sti: hva: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– media: rcar-csi2: Allocate v4l2_async_subdev dynamically (git-fixes).
– media: rcar_drif: Allocate v4l2_async_subdev dynamically (git-fixes).
– media: rcar_drif: Fix fwnode reference leak when parsing DT (git-fixes).
– media: rcar-vin: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: rc: do not access device via sysfs after rc_unregister_device()
– media: rc: uevent sysfs file races with rc_unregister_device()
– media: Revert “media: exynos4-is: Add missed check for
pinctrl_lookup_state()” (git-fixes).
– media: rockchip/rga: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: s5p-mfc: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: saa7134: avoid a shift overflow (git-fixes).
– media: smiapp: Fix error handling at NVM reading (git-fixes).
– media: staging/intel-ipu3: css: Correctly reset some memory (git-fixes).
– media: st-delta: Fix reference count leak in delta_run_work (git-fixes).
– media: sti: Fix reference count leaks (git-fixes).
– media: stm32-dcmi: Fix a reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: tc358743: cleanup tc358743_cec_isr (git-fixes).
– media: tc358743: initialize variable (git-fixes).
– media: ti-vpe: cal: Restrict DMA to avoid memory corruption (git-fixes).
– media: ti-vpe: Fix a missing check and reference count leak (git-fixes).
– media: tuner-simple: fix regression in simple_set_radio_freq (git-fixes).
– media: tw5864: check status of tw5864_frameinterval_get (git-fixes).
– media: usbtv: Fix refcounting mixup (git-fixes).
– media: uvcvideo: Ensure all probed info is returned to v4l2 (git-fixes).
– media: uvcvideo: Fix dereference of out-of-bound list iterator
– media: uvcvideo: Fix uvc_ctrl_fixup_xu_info() not having any effect
– media: uvcvideo: Set media controller entity functions (git-fixes).
– media: uvcvideo: Silence shift-out-of-bounds warning (git-fixes).
– media: v4l2-async: Document asd allocation requirements (git-fixes).
– media: venus: core: Fix runtime PM imbalance in venus_probe (git-fixes).
– media: vsp1: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– memory: fsl-corenet-cf: Fix handling of platform_get_irq() error
– memory: omap-gpmc: Fix a couple off by ones (git-fixes).
– memory: omap-gpmc: Fix build error without CONFIG_OF (git-fixes).
– mfd: mfd-core: Protect against NULL call-back function pointer
– mfd: sm501: Fix leaks in probe() (git-fixes).
– mic: vop: copy data to kernel space then write to io memory (git-fixes).
– misc: mic: scif: Fix error handling path (git-fixes).
– misc: rtsx: Fix memory leak in rtsx_pci_probe (git-fixes).
– misc: vop: add round_up(x,4) for vring_size to avoid kernel panic
– mm: call cond_resched() from deferred_init_memmap() (git fixes
(mm/init), bsc#1177697).
– mmc: core: do not set limits.discard_granularity as 0 (git-fixes).
– mmc: core: Rework wp-gpio handling (git-fixes).
– mm, compaction: fully assume capture is not NULL in compact_zone_order()
(git fixes (mm/compaction), bsc#1177681).
– mm, compaction: make capture control handling safe wrt interrupts (git
fixes (mm/compaction), bsc#1177681).
– mmc: sdhci-acpi: AMDI0040: Set SDHCI_QUIRK2_PRESET_VALUE_BROKEN
– mmc: sdhci: Add LTR support for some Intel BYT based controllers
– mmc: sdhci: Workaround broken command queuing on Intel GLK based IRBIS
models (git-fixes).
– mmc: sdio: Check for CISTPL_VERS_1 buffer size (git-fixes).
– mm/debug.c: always print flags in dump_page() (git fixes (mm/debug)).
– mm: do not panic when links can’t be created in sysfs (bsc#1178002).
– mm: do not rely on system state to detect hot-plug operations
– mm: fix a race during THP splitting (bsc#1178255).
– mm/huge_memory.c: use head to check huge zero page (git-fixes (mm/thp)).
– mm: initialize deferred pages with interrupts enabled (git fixes
(mm/init), bsc#1177697).
– mm: madvise: fix vma user-after-free (git-fixes).
– mm/memcontrol.c: lost css_put in memcg_expand_shrinker_maps()
– mm/mempolicy.c: fix out of bounds write in mpol_parse_str() (git-fixes
– mm/migrate.c: also overwrite error when it is bigger than zero (git
fixes (mm/move_pages), bsc#1177683).
– mm: move_pages: report the number of non-attempted pages (git fixes
(mm/move_pages), bsc#1177683).
– mm: move_pages: return valid node id in status if the page is already on
the target node (git fixes (mm/move_pages), bsc#1177683).
– mm/pagealloc.c: call touch_nmi_watchdog() on max order boundaries in
deferred init (git fixes (mm/init), bsc#1177697).
– mm/page-writeback.c: avoid potential division by zero in
wb_min_max_ratio() (git-fixes (mm/writeback)).
– mm/page-writeback.c: improve arithmetic divisions (git-fixes
– mm: replace memmap_context by meminit_context (bsc#1178002).
– mm/rmap: fixup copying of soft dirty and uffd ptes (git-fixes (mm/rmap)).
– mm, slab/slub: improve error reporting and overhead of cache_from_obj()
(mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm, slab/slub: move and improve cache_from_obj() (mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm, slub: extend checks guarded by slub_debug static key (mm/slub
– mm, slub: extend slub_debug syntax for multiple blocks (mm/slub
– mm, slub: introduce kmem_cache_debug_flags() (mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm, slub: introduce static key for slub_debug() (mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm, slub: make reclaim_account attribute read-only (mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm, slub: make remaining slub_debug related attributes read-only
(mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm, slub: make some slub_debug related attributes read-only (mm/slub
– mm, slub: remove runtime allocation order changes (mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm, slub: restore initial kmem_cache flags (mm/slub bsc#1165692).
– mm/swapfile.c: fix potential memory leak in sys_swapon (git-fixes).
– mm/zsmalloc.c: fix the migrated zspage statistics (git-fixes
– module: Correctly truncate sysfs sections output (git-fixes).
– module: Do not expose section addresses to non-CAP_SYSLOG (git-fixes).
– module: Refactor section attr into bin attribute (git-fixes).
– module: statically initialize init section freeing data (git-fixes).
– Move upstreamed BT patch into sorted section
– Move upstreamed intel-vbtn patch into sorted section
– mt76: add missing locking around ampdu action (git-fixes).
– mt76: clear skb pointers from rx aggregation reorder buffer during
cleanup (git-fixes).
– mt76: do not use devm API for led classdev (git-fixes).
– mt76: fix handling full tx queues in mt76_dma_tx_queue_skb_raw
– mt76: fix LED link time failure (git-fixes).
– mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: do not free cfi->cfiq in error path of
cfi_amdstd_setup() (git-fixes).
– mtd: lpddr: Fix bad logic in print_drs_error (git-fixes).
– mtd: lpddr: fix excessive stack usage with clang (git-fixes).
– mtd: mtdoops: Do not write panic data twice (git-fixes).
– mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– mtd: rawnand: omap_elm: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– mtd: rawnand: stm32_fmc2: fix a buffer overflow (git-fixes).
– mtd: rawnand: vf610: disable clk on error handling path in probe
– mtd: spinand: gigadevice: Add QE Bit (git-fixes).
– mtd: spinand: gigadevice: Only one dummy byte in QUADIO (git-fixes).
– mwifiex: do not call del_timer_sync() on uninitialized timer (git-fixes).
– mwifiex: Do not use GFP_KERNEL in atomic context (git-fixes).
– mwifiex: fix double free (git-fixes).
– mwifiex: remove function pointer check (git-fixes).
– mwifiex: Remove unnecessary braces from HostCmd_SET_SEQ_NO_BSS_INFO
– net: bridge: br_vlan_get_pvid_rcu() should dereference the VLAN group
under RCU (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– net/core: check length before updating Ethertype in skb_mpls_{push,pop}
– net: DCB: Validate DCB_ATTR_DCB_BUFFER argument
– net: disable netpoll on fresh napis (networking-stable-20_09_11).
– net: dsa: b53: check for timeout (networking-stable-20_08_24).
– net: dsa: rtl8366: Properly clear member config
– net: fec: correct the error path for regulator disable in probe
– net: Fix bridge enslavement failure (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– net: Fix potential wrong skb->protocol in skb_vlan_untag()
– net: hns: Fix memleak in hns_nic_dev_probe (networking-stable-20_09_11).
– net: ipv6: fix kconfig dependency warning for IPV6_SEG6_HMAC
– netlabel: fix problems with mapping removal (networking-stable-20_09_11).
– net: lantiq: Disable IRQs only if NAPI gets scheduled
– net: lantiq: Use napi_complete_done() (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– net: lantiq: use netif_tx_napi_add() for TX NAPI
– net: lantiq: Wake TX queue again (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– net/mlx5e: Enable adding peer miss rules only if merged eswitch is
supported (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– net/mlx5e: TLS, Do not expose FPGA TLS counter if not supported
– net/mlx5: Fix FTE cleanup (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– net: mscc: ocelot: fix race condition with TX timestamping (bsc#1178461).
– net: phy: Avoid NPD upon phy_detach() when driver is unbound
– net: phy: Do not warn in phy_stop() on PHY_DOWN
– net: phy: realtek: fix rtl8211e rx/tx delay config (git-fixes).
– net: qrtr: fix usage of idr in port assignment to socket
– net/sched: act_ct: Fix skb double-free in tcf_ct_handle_fragments()
error flow (networking-stable-20_08_24).
– net: sctp: Fix IPv6 ancestor_size calc in sctp_copy_descendant
– net: sctp: Fix negotiation of the number of data streams
– net/smc: Prevent kernel-infoleak in __smc_diag_dump()
– net: systemport: Fix memleak in bcm_sysport_probe
– net: usb: dm9601: Add USB ID of Keenetic Plus DSL
– net: usb: qmi_wwan: add Cellient MPL200 card (git-fixes).
– net: usb: rtl8150: set random MAC address when set_ethernet_addr() fails
– net: wireless: nl80211: fix out-of-bounds access in nl80211_del_key()
– nfc: Ensure presence of NFC_ATTR_FIRMWARE_NAME attribute in
nfc_genl_fw_download() (git-fixes).
– nfp: use correct define to return NONE fec (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– nfsd4: fix NULL dereference in nfsd/clients display code (git-fixes).
– NFS: Do not move layouts to plh_return_segs list while in use
– NFS: Do not return layout segments that are in use (git-fixes).
– nfs: ensure correct writeback errors are returned on close() (git-fixes).
– NFS: Fix flexfiles read failover (git-fixes).
– nfs: Fix security label length not being reset (bsc#1176381).
– nfs: nfs_file_write() should check for writeback errors (git-fixes).
– NFSv4.2: fix client’s attribute cache management for copy_file_range
– nl80211: fix non-split wiphy information (git-fixes).
– NTB: hw: amd: fix an issue about leak system resources (git-fixes).
– ntb: intel: Fix memleak in intel_ntb_pci_probe (git-fixes).
– nvme-multipath: retry commands for dying queues (bsc#1171688).
– nvme-rdma: fix crash due to incorrect cqe (bsc#1174748).
– nvme-rdma: fix crash when connect rejected (bsc#1174748).
– overflow: Include header file with SIZE_MAX declaration (git-fixes).
– p54: avoid accessing the data mapped to streaming DMA (git-fixes).
– PCI: aardvark: Check for errors from pci_bridge_emul_init() call
– PCI/ACPI: Whitelist hotplug ports for D3 if power managed by ACPI
– PCI: Avoid double hpmemsize MMIO window assignment (git-fixes).
– PCI/IOV: Mark VFs as not implementing PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY (bsc#1176979).
– PCI: tegra194: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– PCI: tegra: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
– percpu: fix first chunk size calculation for populated bitmap (git-fixes
– perf/x86/amd: Fix sampling Large Increment per Cycle events
– perf/x86: Fix n_pair for cancelled txn (bsc#1152489).
– phy: ti: am654: Fix a leak in serdes_am654_probe() (git-fixes).
– pinctrl: bcm: fix kconfig dependency warning when !GPIOLIB (git-fixes).
– pinctrl: mcp23s08: Fix mcp23x17 precious range (git-fixes).
– pinctrl: mcp23s08: Fix mcp23x17_regmap initialiser (git-fixes).
– pinctrl: mvebu: Fix i2c sda definition for 98DX3236 (git-fixes).
– PKCS#7: Check codeSigning EKU for kernel module and kexec pe
– PKCS#7: Check codeSigning EKU for kernel module and kexec pe
verification (bsc#1177353).
– Platform: OLPC: Fix memleak in olpc_ec_probe (git-fixes).
– platform/x86: fix kconfig dependency warning for FUJITSU_LAPTOP
– platform/x86: fix kconfig dependency warning for LG_LAPTOP (git-fixes).
– platform/x86: intel_pmc_core: do not create a static struct device
– platform/x86: intel-vbtn: Switch to an allow-list for SW_TABLET_MODE
reporting (bsc#1175599).
– platform/x86: mlx-platform: Remove PSU EEPROM configuration (git-fixes).
– platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: initialize tp_nvram_state variable
– platform/x86: thinkpad_acpi: re-initialize ACPI buffer size when reuse
– PM: hibernate: Batch hibernate and resume IO requests (bsc#1178079).
– PM: hibernate: remove the bogus call to get_gendisk() in
software_resume() (git-fixes).
– PM: runtime: Drop runtime PM references to supplier on link removal
– pNFS/flexfiles: Ensure we initialise the mirror bsizes correctly on read
– powerpc/book3s64/radix: Make radix_mem_block_size 64bit (bsc#1055186
ltc#153436 git-fixes).
– powerpc/dma: Fix dma_map_ops::get_required_mask (bsc#1065729).
– powerpc: Fix undetected data corruption with P9N DD2.1 VSX CI load
emulation (bsc#1065729).
– powerpc/hwirq: Remove stale forward irq_chip declaration (bsc#1065729).
– powerpc/icp-hv: Fix missing of_node_put() in success path (bsc#1065729).
– powerpc/irq: Drop forward declaration of struct irqaction (bsc#1065729).
– powerpc/papr_scm: Fix warning triggered by perf_stats_show()
(bsc#1175052 jsc#SLE-13823 bsc#1174969 jsc#SLE-12769 git-fixes).
– powerpc/perf/hv-gpci: Fix starting index value (bsc#1065729).
– powerpc/powernv/dump: Fix race while processing OPAL dump (bsc#1065729).
– powerpc/powernv/elog: Fix race while processing OPAL error log event
– powerpc/pseries: Avoid using addr_to_pfn in real mode (jsc#SLE-9246
– powerpc/pseries: explicitly reschedule during drmem_lmb list traversal
(bsc#1077428 ltc#163882 git-fixes).
– powerpc/pseries: Fix missing of_node_put() in rng_init() (bsc#1065729).
– power: supply: bq27xxx: report “not charging” on all types (git-fixes).
– power: supply: max17040: Correct voltage reading (git-fixes).
– power: supply: test_power: add missing newlines when printing parameters
by sysfs (git-fixes).
– pwm: img: Fix null pointer access in probe (git-fixes).
– pwm: lpss: Add range limit check for the base_unit register value
– pwm: lpss: Fix off by one error in base_unit math in pwm_lpss_prepare()
– qla2xxx: Return EBUSY on fcport deletion (bsc#1171688).
– qtnfmac: fix resource leaks on unsupported iftype error return path
– r8169: fix data corruption issue on RTL8402 (bsc#1174098).
– r8169: fix issue with forced threading in combination with shared
interrupts (git-fixes).
– r8169: fix operation under forced interrupt threading (git-fixes).
– rapidio: fix the missed put_device() for rio_mport_add_riodev
– rbd-add-rbd_img_fill_cmp_and_write_from_bvecs.patch: (bsc#1177090).
– rbd-add-support-for-COMPARE_AND_WRITE-CMPEXT.patch: (bsc#1177090).
– RDMA/hfi1: Correct an interlock issue for TID RDMA WRITE request
– Refresh
(bsc#1168468, bsc#1171675).
– regulator: axp20x: fix LDO2/4 description (git-fixes).
– regulator: defer probe when trying to get voltage from unresolved supply
– regulator: resolve supply after creating regulator (git-fixes).
– rename Other drivers / Intel IOMMU subsection to IOMMU
– reset: sti: reset-syscfg: fix struct description warnings (git-fixes).
– ring-buffer: Return 0 on success from ring_buffer_resize() (git-fixes).
– rpm/kernel-module-subpackage: make Group tag optional (bsc#1163592)
– rtc: ds1374: fix possible race condition (git-fixes).
– rtc: rx8010: do not modify the global rtc ops (git-fixes).
– rtc: sa1100: fix possible race condition (git-fixes).
– rtl8xxxu: prevent potential memory leak (git-fixes).
– rtw88: increse the size of rx buffer size (git-fixes).
– s390/cio: add cond_resched() in the slow_eval_known_fn() loop
(bsc#1177799 LTC#188733).
– s390/dasd: Fix zero write for FBA devices (bsc#1177801 LTC#188735).
– s390/pci: Mark all VFs as not implementing PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY
– sched/fair: Ignore cache hotness for SMT migration (bnc#1155798 (CPU
scheduler functional and performance backports)).
– sched/fair: Use dst group while checking imbalance for NUMA balancer
(bnc#1155798 (CPU scheduler functional and performance backports)).
– sched/numa: Avoid creating large imbalances at task creation time
– sched/numa: Check numa balancing information only when enabled
– sched/numa: Use runnable_avg to classify node (bnc#1155798 (CPU
scheduler functional and performance backports)).
– scsi: ibmvfc: Fix error return in ibmvfc_probe() (bsc#1065729).
– scsi: ibmvscsi: Fix potential race after loss of transport (bsc#1178166
– scsi: iscsi: iscsi_tcp: Avoid holding spinlock while calling
getpeername() (bsc#1177258).
– scsi: mptfusion: Do not use GFP_ATOMIC for larger DMA allocations
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Add IOCB resource tracking (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Add rport fields in debugfs (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Add SLER and PI control support (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Allow dev_loss_tmo setting for FC-NVMe devices
(bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Correct the check for sscanf() return value (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix buffer-buffer credit extraction error (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash on session cleanup with unload (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix inconsistent format argument type in qla_dbg.c
(bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix inconsistent format argument type in qla_os.c
(bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix inconsistent format argument type in tcm_qla2xxx.c
(bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix I/O errors during LIP reset tests (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix I/O failures during remote port toggle testing
(bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix memory size truncation (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix MPI reset needed message (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix point-to-point (N2N) device discovery issue
(bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Fix reset of MPI firmware (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Honor status qualifier in FCP_RSP per spec (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Make tgt_port_database available in initiator mode
(bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Performance tweak (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce duplicate code in reporting speed (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unneeded variable ‘rval’ (bsc#1171688 bsc#1174003).
– scsi: qla2xxx: Setup debugfs entries for remote ports (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1171688
– scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1171688
– sctp: not disable bh in the whole sctp_get_port_local()
– selftests/timers: Turn off timeout setting (git-fixes).
– serial: 8250: 8250_omap: Terminate DMA before pushing data on RX timeout
– serial: 8250_mtk: Fix uart_get_baud_rate warning (git-fixes).
– serial: 8250_omap: Fix sleeping function called from invalid context
during probe (git-fixes).
– serial: 8250_port: Do not service RX FIFO if throttled (git-fixes).
– serial: txx9: add missing platform_driver_unregister() on error in
serial_txx9_init (git-fixes).
– serial: uartps: Wait for tx_empty in console setup (git-fixes).
– slimbus: core: check get_addr before removing laddr ida (git-fixes).
– slimbus: core: do not enter to clock pause mode in core (git-fixes).
– slimbus: qcom-ngd-ctrl: disable ngd in qmi server down callback
– soc: fsl: qbman: Fix return value on success (git-fixes).
– spi: dw-pci: free previously allocated IRQs if desc->setup() fails
– spi: fsl-espi: Only process interrupts for expected events (git-fixes).
– spi: omap2-mcspi: Improve performance waiting for CHSTAT (git-fixes).
– spi: spi-s3c64xx: Check return values (git-fixes).
– spi: spi-s3c64xx: swap s3c64xx_spi_set_cs() and
s3c64xx_enable_datapath() (git-fixes).
– spi: sprd: Release DMA channel also on probe deferral (git-fixes).
– spi: stm32: Rate-limit the ‘Communication suspended’ message (git-fixes).
– staging: comedi: cb_pcidas: Allow 2-channel commands for AO subdevice
– staging: comedi: check validity of wMaxPacketSize of usb endpoints found
– staging: octeon: Drop on uncorrectable alignment or FCS error
– staging: octeon: repair “fixed-link” support (git-fixes).
– staging:r8188eu: avoid skb_clone for amsdu to msdu conversion
– staging: rtl8192u: Do not use GFP_KERNEL in atomic context (git-fixes).
– SUNRPC: Revert 241b1f419f0e (“SUNRPC: Remove xdr_buf_trim()”)
– svcrdma: Fix page leak in svc_rdma_recv_read_chunk() (git-fixes).
– taprio: Fix allowing too small intervals (networking-stable-20_09_24).
– target-compare-and-write-backend-driver-sense-handli.patch:
– target-rbd-add-emulate_legacy_capacity-dev-attribute.patch:
– target-rbd-add-WRITE-SAME-support.patch: (bsc#1177090).
– target-rbd-conditionally-fix-off-by-one-bug-in-get_b.patch:
– target-rbd-detect-stripe_unit-SCSI-block-size-misali.patch:
– target-rbd-fix-unmap-discard-block-size-conversion.patch: (bsc#1177271).
– target-rbd-fix-unmap-handling-with-unmap_zeroes_data.patch:
– target-rbd-support-COMPARE_AND_WRITE.patch: (bsc#1177090).
– thermal: rcar_thermal: Handle probe error gracefully (git-fixes).
– time: Prevent undefined behaviour in timespec64_to_ns() (bsc#1164648).
– tipc: fix memory leak caused by tipc_buf_append() (git-fixes).
– tipc: Fix memory leak in tipc_group_create_member()
– tipc: fix shutdown() of connectionless socket
– tipc: fix shutdown() of connection oriented socket
– tipc: fix the skb_unshare() in tipc_buf_append() (git-fixes).
– tipc: fix uninit skb->data in tipc_nl_compat_dumpit()
– tipc: use skb_unshare() instead in tipc_buf_append()
– tracing: Check return value of __create_val_fields() before using its
result (git-fixes).
– tracing: Save normal string variables (git-fixes).
– tty: ipwireless: fix error handling (git-fixes).
– tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: fix lpuart32_poll_get_char (git-fixes).
– uio: free uio id after uio file node is freed (git-fixes).
– Update config files. Enable ACPI_PCI_SLOT and HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI
– Update patches.suse/target-add-rbd-backend.patch: (). (simplify block to
byte calculations and use consistent error paths)
– USB: adutux: fix debugging (git-fixes).
– usb: cdc-acm: add quirk to blacklist ETAS ES58X devices (git-fixes).
– usb: cdc-acm: fix cooldown mechanism (git-fixes).
– USB: cdc-acm: handle broken union descriptors (git-fixes).
– USB: cdc-wdm: Make wdm_flush() interruptible and add wdm_fsync()
– usb: core: Solve race condition in anchor cleanup functions (git-fixes).
– usb: dwc2: Fix INTR OUT transfers in DDMA mode (git-fixes).
– usb: dwc2: Fix parameter type in function pointer prototype (git-fixes).
– usb: dwc3: core: add phy cleanup for probe error handling (git-fixes).
– usb: dwc3: core: do not trigger runtime pm when remove driver
– usb: dwc3: ep0: Fix ZLP for OUT ep0 requests (git-fixes).
– usb: dwc3: gadget: Resume pending requests after CLEAR_STALL (git-fixes).
– usb: dwc3: Increase timeout for CmdAct cleared by device controller
– usb: dwc3: pci: Allow Elkhart Lake to utilize DSM method for PM
functionality (git-fixes).
– usb: dwc3: simple: add support for Hikey 970 (git-fixes).
– USB: EHCI: ehci-mv: fix error handling in mv_ehci_probe() (git-fixes).
– USB: EHCI: ehci-mv: fix less than zero comparison of an unsigned int
– usb: gadget: f_ncm: allow using NCM in SuperSpeed Plus gadgets
– usb: gadget: f_ncm: fix ncm_bitrate for SuperSpeed and above (git-fixes).
– USB: gadget: f_ncm: Fix NDP16 datagram validation (git-fixes).
– usb: gadget: function: printer: fix use-after-free in __lock_acquire
– usb: gadget: u_ether: enable qmult on SuperSpeed Plus as well
– usblp: fix race between disconnect() and read() (git-fixes).
– usb: mtu3: fix panic in mtu3_gadget_stop() (git-fixes).
– usb: ohci: Default to per-port over-current protection (git-fixes).
– USB: serial: cyberjack: fix write-URB completion race (git-fixes).
– USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add support for FreeCalypso JTAG+UART adapters
– USB: serial: option: add Cellient MPL200 card (git-fixes).
– USB: serial: option: Add Telit FT980-KS composition (git-fixes).
– USB: serial: pl2303: add device-id for HP GC device (git-fixes).
– USB: serial: qcserial: fix altsetting probing (git-fixes).
– usb: typec: tcpm: During PR_SWAP, source caps should be sent only after
tSwapSourceStart (git-fixes).
– usb: xhci-mtk: Fix typo (git-fixes).
– usb: xhci: omit duplicate actions when suspending a runtime suspended
host (git-fixes).
– vfio/pci: Decouple PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY bit checks from is_virtfn
– video: hyperv: hyperv_fb: Obtain screen resolution from Hyper-V host
– video: hyperv: hyperv_fb: Support deferred IO for Hyper-V frame buffer
driver (bsc#1175306).
– video: hyperv: hyperv_fb: Use physical memory for fb on HyperV Gen 1 VMs
– virtio-net: do not disable guest csum when disable LRO (git-fixes).
– VMCI: check return value of get_user_pages_fast() for errors (git-fixes).
– vmxnet3: fix cksum offload issues for non-udp tunnels (git-fixes).
– w1: mxc_w1: Fix timeout resolution problem leading to bus error
– watchdog: Fix memleak in watchdog_cdev_register (git-fixes).
– watchdog: sp5100: Fix definition of EFCH_PM_DECODEEN3 (git-fixes).
– watchdog: Use put_device on error (git-fixes).
– wcn36xx: Fix reported 802.11n rx_highest rate wcn3660/wcn3680
– wlcore: fix runtime pm imbalance in wl1271_tx_work (git-fixes).
– wlcore: fix runtime pm imbalance in wlcore_regdomain_config (git-fixes).
– writeback: Avoid skipping inode writeback (bsc#1177755).
– writeback: Fix sync livelock due to b_dirty_time processing
– writeback: Protect inode->i_io_list with inode->i_lock (bsc#1177755).
– X.509: Add CodeSigning extended key usage parsing (bsc#1177353).
– x86/alternative: Do not call text_poke() in lazy TLB mode (bsc#1175749).
– x86/fpu: Allow multiple bits in clearcpuid= parameter (bsc#1152489).
– x86/ioapic: Unbreak check_timer() (bsc#1152489).
– x86/kexec: Use up-to-dated screen_info copy to fill boot params
– x86/{mce,mm}: Unmap the entire page if the whole page is affected and
poisoned (bsc#1177765).
– x86/mm: unencrypted non-blocking DMA allocations use coherent pools
(bsc#1175898, ECO-2743).
– x86/unwind/orc: Fix inactive tasks with stack pointer in %sp on GCC 10
compiled kernels (bsc#1176907).
– x86/xen: disable Firmware First mode for correctable memory errors
– xen/blkback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xen/events: add a new “late EOI” evtchn framework (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xen/events: add a proper barrier to 2-level uevent unmasking (XSA-332
– xen/events: avoid removing an event channel while handling it (XSA-331
– xen/events: block rogue events for some time (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xen/events: defer eoi in case of excessive number of events (XSA-332
– xen/events: do not use chip_data for legacy IRQs (bsc#1065600).
– xen/events: fix race in evtchn_fifo_unmask() (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xen/events: switch user event channels to lateeoi model (XSA-332
– xen/events: use a common cpu hotplug hook for event channels (XSA-332
– xen/gntdev.c: Mark pages as dirty (bsc#1065600).
– xen/netback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xen/pciback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xen/pvcallsback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xen/scsiback: use lateeoi irq binding (XSA-332 bsc#1177411).
– xfs: complain if anyone tries to create a too-large buffer log item
– xfs: do not update mtime on COW faults (bsc#1167030).
– xfs: fix high key handling in the rt allocator’s query_range function
– xfs: fix scrub flagging rtinherit even if there is no rt device
– xfs: fix xfs_bmap_validate_extent_raw when checking attr fork of rt
files (git-fixes).
– xfs: flush new eof page on truncate to avoid post-eof corruption
– xfs: force the log after remapping a synchronous-writes file (git-fixes).
– xfs: introduce XFS_MAX_FILEOFF (bsc#1166166).
– xfs: limit entries returned when counting fsmap records (git-fixes).
– xfs: remove unused variable ‘done’ (bsc#1166166).
– xfs: set xefi_discard when creating a deferred agfl free log intent item
– xfs: truncate should remove all blocks, not just to the end of the page
cache (bsc#1166166).
– xhci: do not create endpoint debugfs entry before ring buffer is set
– xprtrdma: fix incorrect header size calculations (git-fixes).
– yam: fix possible memory leak in yam_init_driver (git-fixes).

Special Instructions and Notes:

Please reboot the system after installing this update.

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
like YaST online_update or “zypper patch”.

Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

– openSUSE Leap 15.2:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2020-2112=1

Package List:

– openSUSE Leap 15.2 (x86_64):


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