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Sigurnosni nedostaci programskog paketa Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage

  • Detalji os-a: WN7
  • Važnost: IMP
  • Operativni sustavi: L
  • Kategorije: LRH

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Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Moderate: Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.6.0 security, bug fix, enhancement update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2020:5605-01
Product: Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage
Advisory URL:
Issue date: 2020-12-17
CVE Names: CVE-2018-10103 CVE-2018-10105 CVE-2018-14461
CVE-2018-14462 CVE-2018-14463 CVE-2018-14464
CVE-2018-14465 CVE-2018-14466 CVE-2018-14467
CVE-2018-14468 CVE-2018-14469 CVE-2018-14470
CVE-2018-14879 CVE-2018-14880 CVE-2018-14881
CVE-2018-14882 CVE-2018-16227 CVE-2018-16228
CVE-2018-16229 CVE-2018-16230 CVE-2018-16300
CVE-2018-16451 CVE-2018-16452 CVE-2018-20843
CVE-2019-1551 CVE-2019-5018 CVE-2019-8625
CVE-2019-8710 CVE-2019-8720 CVE-2019-8743
CVE-2019-8764 CVE-2019-8766 CVE-2019-8769
CVE-2019-8771 CVE-2019-8782 CVE-2019-8783
CVE-2019-8808 CVE-2019-8811 CVE-2019-8812
CVE-2019-8813 CVE-2019-8814 CVE-2019-8815
CVE-2019-8816 CVE-2019-8819 CVE-2019-8820
CVE-2019-8823 CVE-2019-8835 CVE-2019-8844
CVE-2019-8846 CVE-2019-11068 CVE-2019-13050
CVE-2019-13627 CVE-2019-14889 CVE-2019-15165
CVE-2019-15166 CVE-2019-15903 CVE-2019-16168
CVE-2019-16935 CVE-2019-18197 CVE-2019-18609
CVE-2019-19221 CVE-2019-19906 CVE-2019-19956
CVE-2019-20218 CVE-2019-20387 CVE-2019-20388
CVE-2019-20454 CVE-2019-20807 CVE-2019-20907
CVE-2019-20916 CVE-2020-1730 CVE-2020-1751
CVE-2020-1752 CVE-2020-3862 CVE-2020-3864
CVE-2020-3865 CVE-2020-3867 CVE-2020-3868
CVE-2020-3885 CVE-2020-3894 CVE-2020-3895
CVE-2020-3897 CVE-2020-3899 CVE-2020-3900
CVE-2020-3901 CVE-2020-3902 CVE-2020-6405
CVE-2020-7595 CVE-2020-7720 CVE-2020-8177
CVE-2020-8237 CVE-2020-8492 CVE-2020-9327
CVE-2020-9802 CVE-2020-9803 CVE-2020-9805
CVE-2020-9806 CVE-2020-9807 CVE-2020-9843
CVE-2020-9850 CVE-2020-9862 CVE-2020-9893
CVE-2020-9894 CVE-2020-9895 CVE-2020-9915
CVE-2020-9925 CVE-2020-10018 CVE-2020-10029
CVE-2020-11793 CVE-2020-13630 CVE-2020-13631
CVE-2020-13632 CVE-2020-14019 CVE-2020-14040
CVE-2020-14382 CVE-2020-14391 CVE-2020-14422
CVE-2020-15503 CVE-2020-15586 CVE-2020-16845

1. Summary:

Updated images are now available for Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage
4.6.0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact
of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which
gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from
the CVE link(s) in the References section.

2. Description:

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage is software-defined storage integrated
with and optimized for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Red Hat
OpenShift Container Storage is a highly scalable, production-grade
persistent storage for stateful applications running in the Red Hat
OpenShift Container Platform. In addition to persistent storage, Red Hat
OpenShift Container Storage provisions a multicloud data management service
with an S3 compatible API.

These updated images include numerous security fixes, bug fixes, and

Security Fix(es):

* nodejs-node-forge: prototype pollution via the util.setPath function

* nodejs-json-bigint: Prototype pollution via `__proto__` assignment could
result in DoS (CVE-2020-8237)

* possibility to trigger an infinite loop in
encoding/unicode could lead to crash (CVE-2020-14040)

* golang: data race in certain net/http servers including ReverseProxy can
lead to DoS (CVE-2020-15586)

* golang: ReadUvarint and ReadVarint can read an unlimited number of bytes
from invalid inputs (CVE-2020-16845)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS
score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE
page(s) listed in the References section.

Users are directed to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage Release Notes
for information on the most significant of these changes:

All Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage users are advised to upgrade to
these updated images.

3. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

For details on how to apply this update, refer to:

4. Bugs fixed (

1806266 – Require an extension to the cephfs subvolume commands, that can return metadata regarding a subvolume
1813506 – Dockerfile not compatible with docker and buildah
1817438 – OSDs not distributed uniformly across OCS nodes on a 9-node AWS IPI setup
1817850 – [BAREMETAL] rook-ceph-operator does not reconcile when osd deployment is deleted when performed node replacement
1827157 – OSD hitting default CPU limit on AWS i3en.2xlarge instances limiting performance
1829055 – [RFE] add insecureEdgeTerminationPolicy: Redirect to noobaa mgmt route (http to https)
1833153 – add a variable for sleep time of rook operator between checks of downed OSD+Node.
1836299 – NooBaa Operator deploys with HPA that fires maxreplicas alerts by default
1842254 – [NooBaa] Compression stats do not add up when compression id disabled
1845976 – OCS 4.5 Independent mode: must-gather commands fails to collect ceph command outputs from external cluster
1849771 – [RFE] Account created by OBC should have same permissions as bucket owner
1853652 – CVE-2020-14040 possibility to trigger an infinite loop in encoding/unicode could lead to crash
1854500 – [tracker-rhcs bug 1838931] mgr/volumes: add command to return metadata of a subvolume snapshot
1854501 – [Tracker-rhcs bug 1848494 ]pybind/mgr/volumes: Add the ability to keep snapshots of subvolumes independent of the source subvolume
1854503 – [tracker-rhcs-bug 1848503] cephfs: Provide alternatives to increase the total cephfs subvolume snapshot counts to greater than the current 400 across a Cephfs volume
1856953 – CVE-2020-15586 golang: data race in certain net/http servers including ReverseProxy can lead to DoS
1858195 – [GSS] registry pod stuck in ContainerCreating due to pvc from cephfs storage class fail to mount
1859183 – PV expansion is failing in retry loop in pre-existing PV after upgrade to OCS 4.5 (i.e. if the PV spec does not contain expansion params)
1859229 – Rook should delete extra MON PVCs in case first reconcile takes too long and rook skips “b” and “c” (spawned from Bug 1840084#c14)
1859478 – OCS 4.6 : Upon deployment, CSI Pods in CLBO with error – flag provided but not defined: -metadatastorage
1860022 – OCS 4.6 Deployment: LBP CSV and pod should not be deployed since ob/obc CRDs are owned from OCS 4.5 onwards
1860034 – OCS 4.6 Deployment in ocs-ci : Toolbox pod in ContainerCreationError due to key admin-secret not found
1860670 – OCS 4.5 Uninstall External: Openshift-storage namespace in Terminating state as CephObjectStoreUser had finalizers remaining
1860848 – Add validation for rgw-pool-prefix in the ceph-external-cluster-details-exporter script
1861780 – [Tracker BZ1866386][IBM s390x] Mount Failed for CEPH while running couple of OCS test cases.
1865938 – CSIDrivers missing in OCS 4.6
1867024 – [ocs-operator] operator is in Installing state
1867099 – CVE-2020-16845 golang: ReadUvarint and ReadVarint can read an unlimited number of bytes from invalid inputs
1868060 – [External Cluster] Noobaa-default-backingstore PV in released state upon OCS 4.5 uninstall (Secret not found)
1868703 – [rbd] After volume expansion, the new size is not reflected on the pod
1869411 – capture full crash information from ceph
1870061 – [RHEL][IBM] OCS un-install should make the devices raw
1870338 – OCS 4.6 must-gather : ocs-must-gather-xxx-helper pod in ContainerCreationError (couldn’t find key admin-secret)
1870631 – OCS 4.6 Deployment : RGW pods went into ‘CrashLoopBackOff’ state on Z Platform
1872119 – Updates don’t work on StorageClass which will keep PV expansion disabled for upgraded cluster
1872696 – [ROKS][RFE]NooBaa Configure IBM COS as default backing store
1873864 – Noobaa: On an baremetal RHCOS cluster, some backingstores are stuck in PROGRESSING state with INVALID_ENDPOINT TemporaryError
1874606 – CVE-2020-7720 nodejs-node-forge: prototype pollution via the util.setPath function
1875476 – Change noobaa logo in the noobaa UI
1877339 – Incorrect use of logr
1877371 – NooBaa UI warning message on Deploy Kubernetes Pool process – typo and shown number is incorrect
1878153 – OCS 4.6 must-gather: collect node information under cluster_scoped_resources/oc_output directory
1878714 – [FIPS enabled] BadDigest error on file upload to noobaa bucket
1878853 – [External Mode] does not tolerate TLS enabled RGW
1879008 – ocs-osd-removal job fails because it can’t find admin-secret in rook-ceph-mon secret
1879072 – Deployment with encryption at rest is failing to bring up OSD pods
1879919 – [External] Upgrade mechanism from OCS 4.5 to OCS 4.6 needs to be fixed
1880255 – Collect rbd info and subvolume info and snapshot info command output
1881028 – CVE-2020-8237 nodejs-json-bigint: Prototype pollution via `__proto__` assignment could result in DoS
1881071 – [External] Upgrade mechanism from OCS 4.5 to OCS 4.6 needs to be fixed
1882397 – MCG decompression problem with snappy on s390x arch
1883253 – CSV doesn’t contain values required for UI to enable minimal deployment and cluster encryption
1883398 – Update csi sidecar containers in rook
1883767 – Using placement strategies in cluster-service.yaml causes ocs-operator to crash
1883810 – [External mode] RGW metrics is not available after OCS upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6
1883927 – Deployment with encryption at rest is failing to bring up OSD pods
1885175 – Handle disappeared underlying device for encrypted OSD
1885428 – panic seen in rook-ceph during uninstall – “close of closed channel”
1885648 – [Tracker for] FSTYPE for localvolumeset devices shows up as ext2 after uninstall
1885971 – ocs-storagecluster-cephobjectstore doesn’t report true state of RGW
1886308 – Default VolumeSnapshot Classes not created in External Mode
1886348 – osd removal job failed with status “Error”
1886551 – Clone creation failed after timeout of 5 hours of Azure platrom for 3 CephFS PVCs ( PVC sizes: 1, 25 and 100 GB)
1886709 – [External] RGW storageclass disappears after upgrade from OCS 4.5 to 4.6
1886859 – OCS 4.6: Uninstall stuck indefinitely if any Ceph pods are in Pending state before uninstall
1886873 – [OCS 4.6 External/Internal Uninstall] – Storage Cluster deletion stuck indefinitely, “failed to delete object store”, remaining users: [noobaa-ceph-objectstore-user]
1888583 – [External] When deployment is attempted without specifying the monitoring-endpoint while generating JSON, the CSV is stuck in installing state
1888593 – [External] Add validation for monitoring-endpoint and port in the exporter script
1888614 – [External] Unreachable monitoring-endpoint used during deployment causes ocs-operator to crash
1889441 – Traceback error message while running OCS 4.6 must-gather
1889683 – [GSS] Noobaa Problem when setting public access to a bucket
1889866 – Post node power off/on, an unused MON PVC still stays back in the cluster
1890183 – [External] ocs-operator logs are filled with “failed to reconcile metrics exporter”
1890638 – must-gather helper pod should be deleted after collecting ceph crash info
1890971 – [External] RGW metrics are not available if anything else except 9283 is provided as the monitoring-endpoint-port
1891856 – ocs-metrics-exporter pod should have tolerations for OCS taint
1892206 – [GSS] Ceph image/version mismatch
1892234 – clone #95 creation failed for CephFS PVC ( 10 GB PVC size) during multiple clones creation test
1893624 – Must Gather is not collecting the tar file from NooBaa diagnose
1893691 – OCS4.6 must_gather failes to complete in 600sec
1893714 – Bad response for upload an object with encryption
1895402 – Mon pods didn’t get upgraded in 720 second timeout from OCS 4.5 upgrade to 4.6
1896298 – [RFE] Monitoring for Namespace buckets and resources
1896831 – Clone#452 for RBD PVC ( PVC size 1 GB) failed to be created for 600 secs
1898521 – [CephFS] Deleting cephfsplugin pod along with app pods will make PV remain in Released state after deleting the PVC
1902627 – must-gather should wait for debug pods to be in ready state
1904171 – RGW Service is unavailable for a short period during upgrade to OCS 4.6

5. References:

6. Contact:

The Red Hat security contact is <>. More contact
details at

Copyright 2020 Red Hat, Inc.
Version: GnuPG v1


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