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Sigurnosni nedostaci programskog paketa webkitgtk4

  • Detalji os-a: WN7
  • Važnost: IMP
  • Operativni sustavi: L
  • Kategorije: LFE

Fedora Update Notification
2016-02-04 19:22:11.001162

Name : webkitgtk4
Product : Fedora 23
Version : 2.10.7
Release : 1.fc23
Summary : GTK+ Web content engine library
Description :
WebKitGTK+ is the port of the portable web rendering engine WebKit to the
GTK+ platform.

This package contains WebKitGTK+ for GTK+ 3.

Update Information:

This update together with previous releases addresses the following
vulnerabilities: – CVE-2015-7096 – CVE-2015-7098 Additional fixes: – Disable
DNS prefetch when a proxy is configured. – Reduce the maximum simultaneous
network connections to match other browsers. – Make WebKitWebView always
propagate motion-notify-event signal. – Add a way to force accelerating
compositing mode at runtime using an environment variable. – Fix input elements
and scrollbars rendering with GTK+ 3.19. – Fix rendering of lines when using
solid colors. – Fix UI process crashes related to not having a main resource
response when the load is committed for pages restored from the history cache.
– Fix a WebProcess crash when loading large contents with custom URI schemes
API. – Fix a crash in the UI process when the WebView is destroyed while the
screensaver DBus proxy is being created. – Fix WebProcess crashes due to
BadDrawable X errors in accelerated compositing mode. – Fix crashes on PPC64
due to mprotect() on address not aligned to the page size. – Fix
std::bad_function_call exception raised in
dispatchDecidePolicyForNavigationAction. – Fix downloads of data URLs. – Fix
runtime critical warnings when closing a page containing windowed plugins. –
Fix several crashes and rendering issues. – Fix a deadlock in the Web Process
when JavaScript garbage collector was running for a web worker thread that made
google maps to hang. – Fix media controls displaying without controls
attribute. – Fix a Web Process crash when quickly attempting many DnD
operations. – Fix the build with GTK+ < 3.16. – Translation updates: French,
German, Italian, Turkish.

This update can be installed with the “yum” update program. Use
su -c ‘yum update webkitgtk4’ at the command line.
For more information, refer to “Managing Software with yum”,
available at

All packages are signed with the Fedora Project GPG key. More details on the
GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at
package-announce mailing list

AutorMarijo Plepelic
Cert idNCERT-REF-2016-02-0004-ADV
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