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Sigurnosni nedostaci programskog paketa MozillaThunderbird

  • Detalji os-a: WN7
  • Važnost: IMP
  • Operativni sustavi: L
  • Kategorije: LSU

openSUSE Security Update: Security update for MozillaThunderbird

Announcement ID: openSUSE-SU-2016:3019-1
Rating: important
References: #1009026 #1010401 #1010404 #1010410 #1010411
#1010427 #1012964
Cross-References: CVE-2016-5290 CVE-2016-5291 CVE-2016-5296
CVE-2016-5297 CVE-2016-9066 CVE-2016-9079

Affected Products:
SUSE Package Hub for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

An update that solves 6 vulnerabilities and has one errata
is now available.


This update for MozillaThunderbird fixes some potential security issues
and bugs.

The following security flaws cannot be exploited through email because
scripting is disabled when reading mail, but are potentially risks in
browser or browser-like contexts:

– CVE-2016-9079: SVG Animation Remote Code Execution (MFSA 2016-92,
– CVE-2016-5296: Heap-buffer-overflow WRITE in rasterize_edges_1
– CVE-2016-5297: Incorrect argument length checking in Javascript
– CVE-2016-9066: Integer overflow leading to a buffer overflow in
nsScriptLoadHandler (bsc#1010404)
– CVE-2016-5291: Same-origin policy violation using local HTML file and
saved shortcut file (bsc#1010410)
– CVE-2016-5290: Memory safety bugs fixed in Thunderbird ESR 45.5

The update contains changes in behavior:

– Changed recipient address entry: Arrow-keys now copy the pop-up value to
the input field. Mouse-hovered pop-up value can no longer be confirmed
with tab or enter key. This restores the behavior of Thunderbird 24.
– Support changes to character limit in Twitter

The following bugs were fixed:

– Reply with selected text containing quote resulted in wrong quoting
level indication
– Email invitation might not be displayed when description contains
non-ASCII characters
– Attempting to sort messages on the Date field whilst a quick filter is
applied got stuck
on sort descending
– Mail address display at header pane displayed incorrectly if the address
contains UTF-8 according to RFC 6532

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

– SUSE Package Hub for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2016-1412=1

To bring your system up-to-date, use “zypper patch”.

Package List:

– SUSE Package Hub for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 (aarch64 s390x x86_64):


– SUSE Package Hub for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 (x86_64):



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AutorTomislav Protega
Cert idNCERT-REF-2016-12-0032-ADV
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