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Sigurnosni nedostaci programskog paketa php-Smarty

  • Detalji os-a: WN7
  • Važnost: IMP
  • Operativni sustavi: L
  • Kategorije: LFE

Fedora Update Notification
2019-03-06 06:57:11.060955

Name : php-Smarty
Product : Fedora 29
Version : 3.1.33
Release : 1.fc29
Summary : Smarty – the compiling PHP template engine
Description :
Smarty is a template engine for PHP, facilitating the separation of
presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic. This implies that PHP
code is application logic, and is separated from the presentation.

Autoloader: /usr/share/php/Smarty/autoload.php

Update Information:

===== 3.1.33 release ===== 12.09.2018 ===== 3.1.33-dev-12 ===== 03.09.2018
– bugfix {foreach} using new style property access like {$item@property} on
Smarty 2 style named foreach loop could produce errors 31.08.2018 – bugfix some
custom left and right delimiters like ‘{^’ ‘^}’ did not work
php/smarty/pull/482 – reformating for PSR-2 coding standards – bugfix on Windows absolute
filepathes did fail if the drive letter was followed by a linux
DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR like C:/ at Smarty > 3.1.33-dev-5 – PSR-2 code style fixes for
config and template file Lexer/Parser generated with the Smarty Lexer/Parser
generator from 26.08.2018 –
bugfix/enhancement {capture} allow variable as capture block name in Smarty
special variable like $smarty.capture.$foo
php/smarty/issues/478 =====
3.1.33-dev-6 ===== 19.08.2018 – fix PSR-2 coding standards and PHPDoc blocks
php/smarty/pull/475 – bugfix
PHP5.2 compatibility =====
3.1.33-dev-4 ===== 17.05.2018 – bugfix strip-block produces different output
in Smarty v3.1.32 – bugfix
Smarty::compileAllTemplates ignores `$extension` parameter
php/smarty/pull/438 – improvement do not compute total property in {foreach} if
not needed – bugfix plugins
may not be loaded when setMergeCompiledIncludes is true 26.04.2018 – bugfix
regarding Security Vulnerability did not solve the problem under Linux.
Security issue CVE-2018-16831 ===== 3.1.32 ===== (24.04.2018) 24.04.2018 –
bugfix possible Security Vulnerability in Smarty_Security class. 26.03.2018
– bugfix plugins may not be loaded if {function} or {block} tags are executed in
nocache mode 26.03.2018 –
new feature {parent} = {$smarty.block.parent} {child} = {$smarty.block.child}
23.03.2018 – bugfix preg_replace could fail on large content resulting in a
blank page 21.03.2018 –
bugfix {$smarty.section…} used outside {section}{/section} showed incorrect
values if {section}{/section} was called inside another loop – bugfix short form of
{section} attributes did not work
php/smarty/issues/428 17.03.2018 – improvement Smarty::compileAllTemplates()
exit with a non-zero status code if max errors is reached 16.03.2018 – bugfix extends
resource did not work with user defined left/right delimiter 22.11.2017 – bugfix {break}
and {continue} could fail if {foreach}{/foreach} did contain other looping
tags like {for}, {section} and {while}
php/smarty/issues/323 20.11.2017 – bugfix rework of newline spacing between
tag code and template text. now again identical with Smarty2 (forum topic
26878) – replacement of ” by ‘ 05.11.2017 – lexer/parser optimization –
code cleanup and optimizations – bugfix {$} used
together with {$} could produce wrong results
(forum topic 27041) 26.10.2017 – bugfix Smarty version was not filled in
header comment of compiled and cached files – optimization replace internal
Smarty::$ds property by DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR – deprecate functions
Smarty::muteExpectedErrors() and Smarty::unmuteExpectedErrors() as Smarty
does no longer use error suppression like @filemtime(). for backward
compatibility code is moved from Smarty class to an external class and still can
be called. – correction of PHPDoc blocks – minor code cleanup
21.10.2017 – bugfix custom delimiters could fail since modification of
version 3.1.32-dev-23
18.10.2017 – bugfix fix implementation of unclosed block tag in double quoted
string of 12.10.2017
12.10.2017 – bugfix $smarty.block.child and $smarty.block.parent could not be
used like any $smarty special variable
php/smarty/issues/393 – unclosed block tag in double quoted string must throw
compiler exception. 07.10.2017 – bugfix
modification of 9.8.2017 did fail on some recursive tag nesting. 26.8.2017 – bugfix chained
modifier failed when last modifier parameter is a signed value – bugfix templates filepath
with multibyte characters did not work
php/smarty/issues/385 – bugfix {make_nocache} did display code if the template
did not contain other nocache code
php/smarty/issues/369 09.8.2017 – improvement repeated delimiter like {{ and
}} will be treated as literal!topic/smarty-developers/h9r82Bx4KZw 05.8.2017
– bugfix wordwrap modifier could fail if used in nocache code. converted
plugin file shared.mb_wordwrap.php into modifier.mb_wordwrap.php – cleanup of
_getSmartyObj() 31.7.2017 – Call clearstatcache() after mkdir() failure 30.7.2017 – rewrite mkdir()
bugfix to retry automatically see 21.7.2017 – security possible
PHP code injection on custom resources at display() or fetch() calls if the
resource does not sanitize the template name – bugfix fix ‘mkdir(): File
exists’ error on create directory from parallel processes – bugfix solve preg_match() hhvm
parameter problem 27.5.2017 –
bugfix change compiled code for registered function and modifiers to called as
callable to allow closures, – bugfix did break the default plugin
handler – improvement replace phpversion() by PHP_VERSION constant. 21.5.2017 – performance store
flag for already required shared plugin functions in static variable or
Smarty’s $_cache to improve performance when plugins are often called
4528#commitcomment-22280086 – bugfix remove special treatment of classes
implementing ArrayAccess in {foreach}
php/smarty/issues/332 – bugfix remove deleted files by clear_cache() and
clear_compiled_template() from ACP cache if present, add some is_file()
checks to avoid possible warnings on filemtime() caused by above functions. – bugfix version 3.1.31 did
fail under PHP 5.2
19.5.2017 – change properties $accessMap and $obsoleteProperties from private
to protected – new feature
The named capture buffers can now be accessed also as array See
improvement check if ini_get() and ini_set() not disabled 24.4.2017 – fix spelling
b1b4#commitcomment-21803095 17.4.2017 – correct generated code on empty()
and isset() call, observe change PHP behaviour since PHP 5.5 14.4.2017 – merge pull
requests, and
php/smarty/pull/337 to fix spelling and annotation 13.4.2017 – bugfix
array_merge() parameter should be checked
php/smarty/issues/350 ===== 3.1.31 ===== (14.12.2016) 23.11.2016 – move
template object cache into static variables 19.11.2016 – bugfix
inheritance root child templates containing nested {block}{/block} could call
sub-bock content from parent template
php/smarty/issues/317 – change version checking 11.11.2016 – bugfix when
Smarty is using a cached template object on Smarty::fetch() or
Smarty::isCached() the inheritance data must be removed – smaller speed optimization
08.11.2016 – add bootstrap file to load and register Smarty_Autoloader.
Change composer.json to make it known to composer 07.11.2016 – optimization
of lexer speed 27.10.2016 –
bugfix template function definitions array has not been cached between
Smarty::fetch() and Smarty::display() calls
php/smarty/issues/301 23.10.2016 – improvement/bugfix when Smarty::fetch()
is called on a template object the inheritance and tplFunctions property
should be copied to the called template object 21.10.2016 – bugfix for
compile locking touched timestamp of old compiled file was not restored on
compilation error 20.10.2016
– bugfix nocache code was not removed in cache file when subtemplate did contain
PHP short tags in text but no other nocache code
php/smarty/issues/300 19.10.2016 – bugfix {make_nocache $var} did fail when
variable value did contain ‘\’
– bugfix {make_nocache $var} remove spaces from variable value 12.10.2016 – bugfix
{include} with template names including variable or constants could fail after
bugfix from 28.09.2016
08.10.2016 – optimization move runtime extension for template functions into
Smarty objects 29.09.2016 – improvement new Smarty::$extends_recursion
property to disable execution of {extends} in templates called by extends
resource 28.09.2016 –
bugfix the generated code for calling a subtemplate must pass the template
resource name in single quotes
– bugfix nocache hash was not removed for <?xml ?> tags in subtemplates 27.09.2016 – bugfix when
Smarty does use an internally cached template object on Smarty::fetch() calls
the template and config variables must be cleared
php/smarty/issues/297 20.09.2016 – bugfix some $smarty special template
variables are no longer accessed as real variable. using them on calls like
{if isset($} or {if empty($} will fail – temporary fix for main reason still under
investigation – improvement new tags {block_parent} {block_child} in template
inheritance 19.09.2016 – optimization clear compiled and cached folder
completely on detected version change – cleanup convert cache resource file
method clear into runtime extension 15.09.2016 – bugfix assigning a
variable in if condition by function like {if $value = array_shift($array)} the
function got called twice –
bugfix function plugins called with assign attribute like {foo assign=’bar’} did
not output returned content because because assumption was made that
it was assigned to a variable
– bugfix calling $smarty->isCached() on a not existing cache file with
$smarty->cache_locking = true; could cause a 10 second delay – improvement make
Smarty::clearCompiledTemplate() on custom resource independent from changes of
templateId computation 11.09.2016 – improvement {math} misleading
E_USER_WARNING messages when parameter value = null
php/smarty/issues/288 – improvement move often used code snippets into methods
– performance Smarty::configLoad() did load unneeded template source object
09.09.2016 – bugfix/optimization {foreach} did not execute the {foreachelse}
when iterating empty objects –
bugfix {foreach} must keep the @properties when restoring a saved $item variable
as the properties might be used outside {foreach}
php/smarty/issues/267 – improvement {foreach} observe {break n} and {continue
n} nesting levels when restoring saved $item and $key variables 08.09.2016
– bugfix implement wrapper for removed method getConfigVariable() 07.09.2016 – bugfix using
nocache like attribute with value true like {plugin nocache=true} did not work – bugfix uppercase TRUE, FALSE
and NULL did not work when security was enabled
php/smarty/issues/282 – bugfix when {foreach} was looping over an object the
total property like {$item@total} did always return 1
php/smarty/issues/281 – bugfix {capture}{/capture} did add in 3.1.30
unintended additional blank lines
php/smarty/issues/268 01.09.2016 – performance require_once should be
called only once for shared plugins
php/smarty/issues/280 26.08.2016 – bugfix change of 23.08.2016 failed on
linux when use_include_path = true 23.08.2016 – bugfix remove constant DS
as shortcut for DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR as the user may have defined it to something
else 20.08-2016 – bugfix
{config_load … scope=”global”} shall not throw an arror but fallback to
scope=”smarty” – bugfix
{make_nocache} failed when using composer autoloader
php/smarty/issues/275 14.08.2016 – bugfix $smarty_>debugging = true; did
E_NOTICE messages when {eval} tag was used
php/smarty/issues/266 – bugfix Class
‘Smarty_Internal_Runtime_ValidateCompiled’ not found when upgrading from some
older Smarty versions with existing compiled or cached template files – optimization remove unneeded
call to update acopes when {assign} scope and template scope was local (default)
===== 3.1.30 ===== (07.08.2016) 07.08.2016 – bugfix update of 04.08.2016
was incomplete 05.08.2016 – bugfix compiling of templates failed when the
Smarty delimiter did contain ‘/’
– updated error checking at template and config default handler 04.08.2016
– improvement move template function source parameter into extension
26.07.2016 – optimization unneeded loading of compiled resource 24.07.2016
– regression this->addPluginsDir(‘/abs/path/to/dir’) adding absolute path
without trailing ‘/’ did fail
23.07.2016 – bugfix setTemplateDir(‘/’) and setTemplateDir(”) did create
wrong absolute filepath –
optimization of filepath normalization – improvement remove double function
declaration in plugin shared.escape_special_cars.php
php/smarty/issues/229 19.07.2016 – bugfix multiple {include} with relative
filepath within {block}{/block} could fail
php/smarty/issues/246 – bugfix {math} shell injection vulnerability patch
provided by Tim Weber 18.07.2016 – bugfix {foreach} if key variable and
item@key attribute have been used both the key variable was not updated – bugfix modifier on plugins
like {plugin|modifier … } did fail when the plugin does return an array – bugfix avoid
opcache_invalidate to result in ErrorException when opcache.restrict_api is not
empty – bugfix multiple
{include} with relative filepath within {block}{/block} could fail 14.07.2016 – bugfix wrong
parameter on compileAllTemplates() and compileAllConfig() 13.07.2016 – bugfix PHP 7
compatibility on registered compiler plugins
php/smarty/issues/241 – update testInstall()
php/smarty/issues/248 – bugfix
enable debugging could fail when template objects did already exists – bugfix template function
data should be merged when loading subtemplate
php/smarty/issues/240 – bugfix wrong parameter on compileAllTemplates() 12.07.2016 – bugfix
{foreach} item variable must be created also on empty from array and
php/smarty/issues/239 – bugfix enableSecurity() must init cache flags 27.05.2016 –
bugfix/improvement of compileAlltemplates() follow symlinks in template folder
(PHP >= 5.3.1) clear
internal cache and expension handler for each template to avoid possible
conflicts 16.05.2016 –
optimization {foreach} compiler and processing – broken PHP 5.3 and 5.4
compatibility 15.05.2016 – optimization and cleanup of resource code
10.05.2016 – optimization of inheritance processing 07.05.2016 -bugfix
Only variables should be assigned by reference
php/smarty/issues/227 02.05.2016 – enhancement {block} tag names can now be
variable 01.05.2016 –
bugfix same relative filepath at {include} called from template in different
folders could display wrong sub-template 29.04.2016 – bugfix {strip} remove
space on linebreak between html tags
php/smarty/issues/213 24.04.2016 – bugfix nested {include} with relative
file path could fail when called in {block} … {/block} 14.04.2016 – bugfix special
variable {$} was not case sensitive on name – bugfix the default template
handler must calculate the source uid
php/smarty/issues/205 13.04.2016 – bugfix template inheritance status must
be saved when calling sub-templates
php/smarty/issues/215 27.03.2016 – bugfix change of 11.03.2016 cause again
{capture} data could not been seen in other templates with
11.03.2016 – optimization of capture and security handling – improvement
$smarty->clearCompiledTemplate() should return on recompiled or uncompiled
resources 10.03.2016 – optimization of resource processing 09.03.2016
– improvement rework of ‘scope’ attribute handling see see NEW_FEATURES.txt
php/smarty/issues/186 – bugfix
correct Autoloader update of 2.3.2014
php/smarty/issues/199 04.03.2016 – bugfix change from 01.03.2016 will cause
$smarty->isCached(..) failure if called multiple time for same template
(forum topic 25935) 02.03.2016 – revert autoloader optimizations because of
unexplainable warning when using plugins
php/smarty/issues/199 01.03.2016 – bugfix template objects must be cached
on $smarty->fetch(‘foo.tpl) calls incase the template is fetched multiple
times (forum topic 25909) 25.02.2016 – bugfix wrong _realpath with 4 or
more parent-directories –
optimization of _realpath – bugfix instanceof expression in template code must
be treated as value 20.02.2016
– bugfix {strip} must keep space between hmtl tags. Broken by changes of
10.2.2016 – new feature/bugfix
{foreach}{section} add ‘properties’ attribute to force compilation of loop
properties see NEW_FEATURES.txt
php/smarty/issues/189 19.02.2016 – revert output buffer flushing on
display, echo content again because possible problems when PHP files had
characters (newline} after ?> at file end
php/smarty/issues/187 14.02.2016 – new tag {make_nocache} read
optimization of sub-template processing – bugfix using extendsall as default
resource and {include} inside {block} tags could produce unexpected results – optimization of tag
attribute compiling – optimization make compiler tag object cache static for
higher compilation speed 11.02.2016 – improvement added KnockoutJS comments
to trimwhitespace outputfilter 10.02.2016 – bugfix {strip}
must keep space on output creating smarty tags within html tags – bugfix wrong precedence on
special if conditions like ‘$foo is … by $bar’ could cause wrong code – improvement because of
ambiguities the inline constant support has been removed from the $
syntax – bugfix other {strip}
error with output tags between hmtl
php/smarty/issues/180 09.02.2016 – move some code from parser into compiler
– reformat all code for unique style – update/bugfix scope attribute handling
reworked. Read the newfeatures.txt file 05.02.2016 – improvement internal
compiler changes 01.02.2016 – bugfix {foreach} compilation failed when
$smarty->merge_compiled_includes = true and pre-filters are used. 29.01.2016
– bugfix implement replacement code for _tag_stack property 28.01.2016 – bugfix allow
windows network filepath or wrapper (forum topic 25876) – bugfix if fetch(‘foo.tpl’)
is called on a template object the $parent parameter should default to the
calling template object
27.01.2016 – revert bugfix compiling {section} did create warning – bugfix
{$smarty.section.customer.loop} did throw compiler error update of yesterdays fix –
bugfix string resource could inject code at {block} or inline subtemplates
through PHP comments
– bugfix output filters did not observe nocache code
php/smarty/issues/160 – bugfix {extends} with relative file path did not work
php/smarty/issues/158 – bugfix {capture} data could not been seen in other
templates with {$}
php/smarty/issues/153 26.01.2016 – improvement observe Smarty::$_CHARSET in
debugging console – bugfix
compiling {section} did create warning – bugfix
{$smarty.section.customer.loop} did throw compiler error 02.01.2016 – update scope
handling – optimize block plugin compiler – improvement runtime checks if
registered block plugins are callable 01.01.2016 – remove
Smarty::$resource_cache_mode property 31.12.2015 – optimization of
{assign}, {if} and {while} compiled code 30.12.2015 – bugfix plugin names
starting with “php” did not compile
php/smarty/issues/147 29.12.2015 – bugfix Smarty::error_reporting was not
observed when display() or fetch() was called on template objects 28.12.2015 – optimization
of {foreach} code size and processing 27.12.2015 – improve inheritance code
– update external methods – code fixes – PHPdoc updates 25.12.2015 –
compile {block} tag code and its processing into classes – optimization
replace hhvm extension by inline code – new feature If ACP is enabled force an
apc_compile_file() when compiled or cached template was updated 24.12.2015
– new feature Compiler does now observe the template_dir setting and will create
separate compiled files if required – bugfix post filter did fail on template
inheritance 23.12.2015 –
optimization move internal method decodeProperties back into template object –
optimization move subtemplate processing back into template object – new
feature Caching does now observe the template_dir setting and will create
separate cache files if required 22.12.2015 – change $xxx_dir properties
from private to protected in case Smarty class gets extended – code
optimizations 21.12.2015 – bugfix a filepath starting with ‘/’ or ‘\’ on
windows should normalize to the root dir of current working drive – optimization of filepath
normalization – bugfix {strip} must remove all blanks between html tags ===== 3.1.29 =====
(21.12.2015) 21.12.2015 – optimization improve speed of filetime checks on
extends and extendsall resource 20.12.2015 – bugfix failure when the
default resource type was set to ‘extendsall’
php/smarty/issues/123 – update compilation of Smarty special variables –
bugfix add addition check for OS type on normalization of file path – bugfix the source uid of the
extendsall resource must contain $template_dir settings 19.12.2015 – bugfix using
$ in expressions could fail
php/smarty/pull/138 – bugfix broken PHP 5.2 compatibility – remove no longer used code
– improvement make sure that compiled and cache templates never can contain a
trailing ‘?>? 18.12.2015 – bugfix regression when modifier parameter was
followed by math 17.12.2015
– bugfix {$smarty.capture.nameFail} did lowercase capture name – bugfix using {block
append/prepend} on same block in multiple levels of inheritance templates could
fail (forum topic 25827) – bugfix text content consisting of just a single ‘0’
like in {if true}0{/if} was suppressed (forum topic 25834) 16.12.2015 –
bugfix {foreach} did fail if from atrribute is a Generator class – bugfix direct access
$smarty->template_dir = ‘foo’; should call Smarty::setTemplateDir() 15.12.2015 – bugfix
{$} did return the $_COOKIE array not the ‘foo’ value – bugfix a call to
clearAllCache() and other should clear all internal template object caches
(forum topic 25828) 14.12.2015 – bugfix {$} broken in
3.1.28 – bugfix multiple
calls of {section} with same name droped E_NOTICE error ===== 3.1.28 =====
(13.12.2015) 13.12.2015 – bugfix {foreach} and {section} with uppercase
characters in name attribute did not work (forum topic 25819) – bugfix
$smarty->debugging_ctrl = ‘URL’ did not work (forum topic 25811) – bugfix
Debug Console could display incorrect data when using subtemplates 09.12.2015
– bugfix Smarty did fail under PHP 7.0.0 with use_include_path = true;
09.12.2015 – bugfix {strip} should exclude some html tags from stripping,
related to fix for 08.12.2015
– bugfix internal template function data got stored in wrong compiled file 05.12.2015 -bugfix {strip}
should insert a single space
25.11.2015 -bugfix a left delimter like ‘[%’ did fail on
[%$var_[%$variable%]%] (forum topic 25798) 02.11.2015 – bugfix {include}
with variable file name like {include file=”foo_`$bar`.tpl”} did fail in
3.1.28-dev 01.11.2015 –
update config file processing 31.10.2015 – bugfix add missing $trusted_dir
property to SmartyBC class (forum topic 25751) 29.10.2015 – improve
template scope handling 24.10.2015 – more optimizations of template
processing – bugfix Error when using {include} within {capture} 21.10.2015 – move some code
into runtime extensions 18.10.2015 – optimize filepath normalization –
rework of template inheritance – speed and size optimizations – bugfix under
HHVM temporary cache file must only be created when caches template was updated
– fix compiled code for new {block} assign attribute – update code generated
by template function call handler 18.09.2015 – bugfix {if $foo instanceof
$bar} failed to compile if 2nd value is a variable
php/smarty/issues/92 17.09.2015 – bugfix {foreach} first attribute was not
correctly reset since commit 05a8fa2 of 02.08.2015
php/smarty/issues/90 16.09.2015 – update compiler by moving no longer
needed properties, code optimizations and other 14.09.2015 – optimize
autoloader – optimize subtemplate handling – update template inheritance
processing – move code of {call} processing back into Smarty_Internal_Template
class – improvement invalidate OPCACHE for cleared compiled and cached
template files (forum topic 25557) – bugfix unintended multiple debug windows
(forum topic 25699) 30.08.2015 – size optimization move some runtime
functions into extension – optimize inline template processing –
optimization merge inheritance child and parent templates into one compiled
template file 29.08.2015 – improvement convert template inheritance into
runtime processing – bugfix {$smarty.block.parent} did always reference the
root parent block 23.08.2015
– introduce Smarty::$resource_cache_mode and cache template object of {include}
inside loop – load seldom used Smarty API methods dynamically to reduce memory
footprint – cache template object of {include} if same template is included
several times – convert debug console processing to object – use output
buffers for better performance and less memory usage – optimize nocache hash
processing – remove not really needed properties – optimize rendering –
move caching to Smarty::_cache – remove properties with redundant content –
optimize Smarty::templateExists() – optimize use_include_path processing –
relocate properties for size optimization – remove redundant code – bugfix
compiling super globals like {$} did fail in the master branch 06.08.2015 – avoid possible
circular object references caused by parser/lexer objects – rewrite
compileAll… utility methods – commit several internal improvements –
bugfix Smarty failed when compile_id did contain “|” 03.08.2015 – rework
clear cache methods – bugfix compileAllConfig() was broken since 3.1.22
because of the changes in config file processing – improve getIncludePath() to
return directory if no file was given 02.08.2015 – optimization and code
cleanup of {foreach} and {section} compiler – rework {capture} compiler
01.08.2015 – update DateTime object can be instance of DateTimeImmutable
since PHP5.5 – improvement show
resource type and start of template source instead of uid on eval: and string:
resource (forum topic 25630) 31.07.2015 – optimize {foreach} and {section}
compiler 29.07.2015 – optimize {section} compiler for speed and size of
compiled code 28.07.2015 – update for PHP 7 compatibility 26.07.2015 –
improvement impement workaround for HHVM PHP incompatibillity 25.07.2015 – bugfix parser did
hang on text starting <?something
20.07.2015 – bugfix config files got recompiled on each request –
improvement invalidate PHP 5.5 opcache for recompiled and cached templates 12.07.2015 – optimize
{extends} compilation 10.07.2015 – bugfix force file: resource in demo
resource.extendsall.php 08.07.2015 – bugfix convert each word of class
names to ucfirst in in compiler. (forum topic 25588) 07.07.2015 –
improvement allow fetch() or display() called on a template object to get output
from other template like $template->fetch(‘foo.tpl’) – improvement Added $limit
parameter to regex_replace modifier #71 – new feature multiple indices on
file: resource 06.07.2015 – optimize {block} compilation – optimization
get rid of __get and __set in source object 01.07.2015 – optimize compile
check handling – update {foreach} compiler – bugfix debugging console did
not display string values containing \n, \r or \t correctly – optimize source resources
28.06.2015 – move $smarty->enableSecurity() into Smarty_Security class –
optimize security isTrustedResourceDir() – move auto load filter methods into
extension – move $smarty->getTemplateVars() into extension – move
getStreamVariable() into extension – move $smarty->append() and
$smarty->appendByRef() into extension – optimize autoloader – optimize file
path normalization – bugfix PATH_SEPARATOR was replaced by mistake in
autoloader – remove redundant code 27.06.2015 – bugfix resolve naming
conflict between custom Smarty delimiter ‘<%’ and PHP ASP tags – update $smarty->_realpath for
relative path not starting with ‘./’ – update Smarty security with new
realpath handling – update {include_php} with new realpath handling – move
$smarty->loadPlugin() into extension – minor compiler optimizations – bugfix
allow function plugins with name ending with ‘close’
php/smarty/issues/52 – rework of $smarty->clearCompiledTemplate() and move it
to its own extension 19.06.2015 – improvement allow closures as callback at
$smarty->registerFilter() =====
3.1.27===== (18.06.2015) 18.06.2015 – bugfix another update on file path
normalization failed on path containing something like “/.foo/” ===== 3.1.26===== (18.06.2015)
18.06.2015 – bugfix file path normalization failed on path containing
something like “/.foo/”
17.06.2015 – bugfix calling a plugin with nocache option but no other
attributes like {foo nocache} caused call to undefined function ===== 3.1.25===== (15.06.2015)
15.06.2015 – optimization of smarty_cachereource_keyvaluestore.php code
14.06.2015 – bugfix a relative sub template path could fail if template_dir
path did contain /../ –
optimization rework of path normalization – bugfix an output tag with
variable, modifier followed by an operator like {$foo|modifier+1} did fail 13.06.2015 – bugfix a custom
cache resource using smarty_cachereource_keyvaluestore.php did fail if php.ini
mbstring.func_overload = 2 (forum topic 25568) 11.06.2015 – bugfix the
lexer could hang on very large quoted strings (forum topic 25570) 08.06.2015
– bugfix using {$foo} as array index like $bar.{$foo} or in double quoted string
like “some {$foo} thing” failed
04.06.2015 – bugfix possible error message on unset() while compiling {block}
tags 01.06.2015 – bugfix
<?xml … ?> including template variables broken since 3.1.22 27.05.2015 – bugfix
{include} with variable file name must not create by default individual cache
file (since 3.1.22) 24.05.2015
– bugfix if condition string ‘neq’ broken due to a typo ===== 3.1.24===== (23.05.2015)
23.05.2015 – improvement on php_handling to allow very large PHP sections,
better error handling – improvement allow extreme large comment sections
(forum 25538) 21.05.2015 – bugfix broken PHP 5.2 compatibility when
compiling <?php tags – bugfix
named {foreach} comparison like $smarty.foreach.foobar.index > 1 did compile
into wrong code 19.05.2015 –
bugfix compiler did overwrite existing variable value when setting the nocache
attribute – bugfix output
filter trimwhitespace could run into the pcre.backtrack_limit on large output
( issue 220) – bugfix compiler could run into the
pcre.backtrack_limit on larger comment or {php} tag sections (forum 25538)
18.05.2015 – improvement introduce shortcuts in lexer/parser rules for most
frequent terms for higher compilation speed 16.05.2015 – bugfix
{php}{/php} did work just for single lines
php/smarty/issues/33 – improvement remove not needed ?><?php transitions from
compiled code – improvement reduce number of lexer tokens on operators and if
conditions – improvement higher compilation speed by modified lexer/parser
generator at “smarty/smarty-lexer” 13.05.2015 – improvement remove not
needed ?><?php transitions from compiled code – improvement of debugging:
– use fresh Smarty object to display the debug console because of possible
problems when the Smarty was extended or Smarty properties had been
modified in the class source – display Smarty version number –
Truncate lenght of Origin display and extend strin value display to 80 character
– bugfix in Smarty_Security ‘nl2br’ should be a trusted modifier, not PHP
function ( issue 223) 12.05.2015 – bugfix
{$smarty.constant.TEST} did fail on undefined constant – bugfix access to undefined
config variable like {#undef#} did fail
php/smarty/issues/29 – bugfix in nested {foreach} saved item attributes got
overwritten ===== 3.1.23 =====
(12.05.2015) 12.05.2015 – bugfix of smaller performance issue introduce in
3.1.22 when caching is enabled – bugfix missig entry for smarty-temmplate-
config in autoloader ===== 3.1.22 ===== tag was deleted because 3.1.22 did
fail caused by the missing entry for smarty-temmplate-config in autoloader
10.05.2015 – bugfix custom cache resource did not observe compile_id and
cache_id when $cache_locking == true – bugfix cache lock was not handled
correctly after timeout when $cache_locking == true – improvement added
constants for $debugging 07.05.2015 – improvement of the debugging console.
Read NEW_FEATURES.txt – optimization of resource class loading 06.05.2015
– bugfix in 3.1.22-dev cache resource must not be loaded for subtemplates –
bugfix/improvement in 3.1.22-dev cache locking did not work as expected
05.05.2015 – optimization on cache update when main template is modified –
optimization move <?php ?> handling from parser to new compiler module
05.05.2015 – bugfix code could be messed up when {tags} are used in multiple
attributes 04.05.2015 –
bugfix Smarty_Resource::parseResourceName incompatible with Google AppEngine
( – improvement use is_file()
checks to avoid errors suppressed by @ which could still cause problems
( 28.04.2015 – bugfix
plugins of merged subtemplates not loaded in 3.1.22-dev (forum topic 25508) 2nd
fix 28.04.2015 – bugfix plugins of merged subtemplates not loaded in
3.1.22-dev (forum topic 25508) 23.04.2015 – bugfix a nocache template
variable used as parameter at {insert} was by mistake cached 20.04.2015 –
bugfix at a template function containing nocache code a parmeter could overwrite
a template variable of same name 27.03.2015 – bugfix
Smarty_Security->allow_constants=false; did also disable true, false and null
(change of 16.03.2015) – improvement added a whitelist for trusted constants
to security Smarty_Security::$trusted_constants (forum topic 25471) 20.03.2015
– bugfix make sure that function properties get saved only in compiled files
containing the fuction definition {forum topic 25452} – bugfix correct update
of global variable values on exit of template functions. (reported under Smarty
Developers) 16.03.2015 – bugfix problems with {function}{/function} and
{call} tags in different subtemplate cache files {forum topic 25452} – bugfix
Smarty_Security->allow_constants=false; did not disallow direct usage of defined
constants like {SMARTY_DIR} {forum topic 25457} – bugfix {block}{/block} tags
did not work inside double quoted strings
php/smarty/issues/18 15.03.2015 – bugfix $smarty->compile_check must be
restored before rendering of a just updated cache file {forum 25452}
14.03.2015 – bugfix {nocache} {/nocache} tags corrupted code when used
within a nocache section caused by a nocache template variable. – bugfix
template functions defined with {function} in an included subtemplate could not
be called in nocache mode with {call… nocache} if the subtemplate
had it’s own cache file {forum 25452} 10.03.2015 – bugfix {include …
nocache} whith variable file or compile_id attribute was not executed in nocache
mode. 12.02.2015 – bugfix multiple Smarty::fetch() of same template when
$smarty->merge_compiled_includes = true; could cause function already defined
error 11.02.2015 – bugfix recursive {includes} did create E_NOTICE message
when $smarty->merge_compiled_includes = true; (github issue #16) 22.01.2015
– new feature security can now control access to static methods and properties
see also NEW_FEATURES.txt 21.01.2015 – bugfix clearCompiledTemplates(),
clearAll() and clear() could try to delete whole drive at wrong path permissions
because realpath() fail (forum 25397) – bugfix ‘self::’ and ‘parent::’ was
interpreted in template syntax as static class 04.01.2015 – push last weeks
changes to github – different optimizations – improvement automatically create
different versions of compiled templates and config files depending on
property settings. – optimization restructure template processing by moving
code into classes it better belongs to – optimization restructure config file
processing 31.12.2014 – bugfix use function_exists(‘mb_get_info’) for setting
Smarty::$_MBSTRING. Function mb_split could be overloaded depending on
php.ini mbstring.func_overload 29.12.2014 – new feature security can now
limit the template nesting level by property $max_template_nesting
see also NEW_FEATURES.txt (forum 25370) 29.12.2014 – new feature security
can now disable special $smarty variables listed in property
$disabled_special_smarty_vars see also NEW_FEATURES.txt (forum
25370) 27.12.2014 – bugfix clear internal _is_file_cache when plugins_dir
was modified 13.12.2014 – improvement optimization of lexer and parser
resulting in a up to 30% higher compiling speed 11.12.2014 – bugfix resolve
parser ambiguity between constant print tag {CONST} and other smarty tags after
change of 09.12.2014 09.12.2014 – bugfix variables $null, $true and $false
did not work after the change of 12.11.2014 (forum 25342) – bugfix call of
template function by a variable name did not work after latest changes (forum
25342) 23.11.2014 – bugfix a plugin with attached modifier could fail if
the tag was immediately followed by another Smarty tag (since 3.1.21) (forum
25326) 13.11.2014 – improvement move autoload code into Autoloader.php. Use
Composer autoloader when possible 12.11.2014 – new feature added support of
namespaces to template code 08.11.2014 – 10.11.2014 – bugfix subtemplate
called in nocache mode could be called with wrong compile_id when it did change
on one of the calling templates – improvement add code of template functions
called in nocache mode dynamically to cache file (related to bugfix of
01.11.2014) – bugfix Debug Console did not include all data from merged
compiled subtemplates 04.11.2014 – new feature $smarty->debugging = true; =>
overwrite existing Debug Console window (old behaviour)
$smarty->debugging = 2; => individual Debug Console window by template name
03.11.2014 – bugfix Debug Console did not show included subtemplates since
3.1.17 (forum 25301) – bugfix Modifier debug_print_var did not limit recursion
or prevent recursive object display at Debug Console (ATTENTION: parameter
order has changed to be able to specify maximum recursion) – bugfix Debug
consol did not include subtemplate information with
$smarty->merge_compiled_includes = true – improvement The template variables
are no longer displayed as objects on the Debug Console – improvement
$smarty->createData($parent = null, $name = null) new optional name parameter
for display at Debug Console – addition of some hooks for future extension of
Debug Console 01.11.2014 – bugfix and enhancement on subtemplate {include}
and template {function} tags. * Calling a template which has a nocache
section could fail if it was called from a cached and a not cached subtemplate.
* Calling the same subtemplate cached and not cached with the
$smarty->merge_compiled_includes enabled could cause problems * Many smaller
related changes 30.10.2014 – bugfix access to class constant by object like
{$object::CONST} or variable class name {$class::CONST} did not work (forum
25301) 26.10.2014 – bugfix E_NOTICE message was created during compilation
when ASP tags ‘<%’ or ‘%>’ are in template source text – bugfix
merge_compiled_includes option failed when caching enables and same subtemplate
was included cached and not cached

* Fri Feb 22 2019 Shawn Iwinski <> – 3.1.33-1
– Update to 3.1.33
– RHBZ #s: 1532492, 1532493, 1532494, 1628739, 1628740, 1628741, 1631095, 1631096, 1631098
– CVEs: CVE-2017-1000480, CVE-2018-13982, CVE-2018-16831
– License LGPLv2+ => LGPLv3
* Sat Feb 2 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> – 3.1.21-9
– Rebuilt for

[ 1 ] Bug #1631098 – CVE-2018-13982 php-Smarty: Path traversal vulnerability in Smarty_Security::isTrustedResourceDir() [epel-all]
[ 2 ] Bug #1628740 – CVE-2018-16831 php-Smarty: trusted_dir protection mechanism bypass [epel-all]
[ 3 ] Bug #1532493 – CVE-2017-1000480 php-Smarty: Code injection when calling fetch() or display() on unsanitized template names [epel-all]
[ 4 ] Bug #1631096 – CVE-2018-13982 php-Smarty: Path traversal vulnerability in Smarty_Security::isTrustedResourceDir() [fedora-all]
[ 5 ] Bug #1628741 – CVE-2018-16831 php-Smarty: trusted_dir protection mechanism bypass [fedora-all]
[ 6 ] Bug #1532494 – CVE-2017-1000480 php-Smarty: Code injection when calling fetch() or display() on unsanitized template names [fedora-all]

This update can be installed with the “dnf” update program. Use
su -c ‘dnf upgrade –advisory FEDORA-2019-e595e8a7d7’ at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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